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November 30, 2007
30: Free web streams generate $120 million for U.S. TV networks in '07
30: More thoughts on PPM
November 29, 2007
29: Audi pumps on-the-go personalized Net radio into concept model
29: Yahoo, AOL may abandon web radio, reports Bloomberg News
29: CBS to provide free WiFi in midtown Manhattan
29: "Copyright, Schmopyright": TechCrunch runs down "royalty free" music sites
November 28, 2007
28: PPM delayed? "Be careful what you wish for!"
28: What's ailing the music industry? Progress!
November 27, 2007
27: Verizon bets on "post-cell phone" future, will open network
27: Greater Media taps Tom Bender to lead Interactive unit
27: Internet radio pioneer KPIG being launched into syndication
27: Former label exec says UMG's anti-tech stance was typical of industry
27: FMC's Toomey moves to Ford Foundation
27: Plethora of Internet radio devices is on the way
November 26, 2007
26: Carriers, developers opening up to potential of mobile web
26: Rhapsody WiFi device also delivers video, FM
November 22, 2007
22: Palm's new Centro comes with streaming Internet radio out of the box
22: Internet radio is coming to the car dashboard
November 21, 2007
21: "iRadio" app for iPhone streams Shoutcast stations
November 20, 2007
20: Simson: Radio royalty would encourage newer artist airplay
20: DC appeals court sets schedule for briefs in royalties case
November 19, 2007
19: With Vice investment, Viacom has a LABORATORY for web programming
November 15, 2007
15: Slacker device can't possibly be "the future" -- Chicago Tribune blogger
15: New label offers ad-supported, 'no-DRM' free online downloads
15: WMG chief admits label's lack of Internet plan damaged industry
November 14, 2007
14: Personalized Internet radio taking big steps away from PC
14: Del Colliano: Labels' squeeze on radio is 'quick fix/high costs'
14: Personalized, "community" online radio Jango launches
November 13, 2007
13: SelectRadio adds 1-touch buy option to wireless streaming
13: Artists, radio debate 'promotion' issue in Senate cmte. hearing
13: New baseBEAT Net radio design keeps advertisers in mind
November 12, 2007
12: Senate Judiciary examines the issue of over-the-air royalties
12: Paragon advises brodcasters: Be part ot the Internet's "menu"
November 06, 2007
06: Sound Exchanges offers cable radio
November 05, 2007
05: Seattle Times: Big labels, high royalties "Chocking the Internet"