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December 31, 2007
31: Next year could make or break booming music widget trend
31: "Media Democracy" making more users into broadcasters, study shows
December 28, 2007
28: 2007 The Year in RAIN: Part 3
December 27, 2007
27: Jango rolls out customizable Net radio widgets
27: Holiday music huge online too
27: Out of the mouths of babes: "HD = Huh?"
27: Gadget of the Year: Ford Sync puts music -- including Internet radio -- into your dashboard
27: Former MySpace exec's firm to manage Chinese music radio website
December 20, 2007
20: Randy Michaels named head of Tribune's Internet and broadcast operations
20: 2007: The Year in RAIN (Part 1)
December 19, 2007
19: 2007: The Year in RAIN (Part 2)
19: There's no easy way to copy other countries' radio royalty solution
19: Broadcast performance royalty bill announced
19: RIAA's grabs top spot as mag's most tech-unfriendly group
December 18, 2007
18: Radio Ink Convergence '08 Conference details announced
18: XM, label settle over portable copying capability
18: Canadians just say "No" to DMCA-like bill
December 17, 2007
17: Arbitron releases online ratings for September, October
17: Net radio "Cube" offers novel take on Wi-Fi players
17: Winter weather floods CBS Radio websites
17: Oft-ignored fact: Internet radio is a DIFFERENT medium
December 14, 2007
14: Boston Globe reviews field of Wi-Fi music players
14: Record highs for terrestrial stations websites in October JP Morgan scorecard
December 13, 2007
13: Sony puts Net radio in PSP users' hands
December 12, 2007
12: "DVR for radio" delivers on-demand AM/FM to mobiles
12: XM offers free podcasts of talk content
12: American Media Services re-brands webcast products under "TheRadio.com"
December 11, 2007
11: Tom Taylor asks, "Has Internet radio 'stagnated'?"
11: Update: Analysts respond to Imeem's major label coup
11: London orchestra launches online radio station
11: Update: More details on Mason's CBS streaming plans
December 07, 2007
07: CBS's Dan Mason tells analysts: One of his goals is "#1 in streaming"
07: New CRB decisions stress need for parity, large webcasters tell Congress
December 06, 2007
06: CRB satellite radio decision sets up potential "win-win" for webcasters and labels
06: CRB silver lining could be boon for talk format, says Taylor
December 05, 2007
05: Satellite rate is small fraction of Internet radio rate
05: CRB sets royalty rate for satellite radio: 6% of revenues now, rising to 8%
05: Wilhelms: SX's 'redistribution of wealth' logic is bogus
December 04, 2007
04: Online ad revenues to surpass radio in '08, says new study
04: Live365 hands mobile users the keys
December 03, 2007
03: Nokia launches mobile Internet radio application; will be pre-loaded onto new devices
03: Some say Arb's satellite ratings have a ways to go
03: Major file-sharer embeds Last.fm station widgets
03: PPM continued: Does "reliability" trump accuracy?