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January 31, 2008
31: Net radio "minimum fees" now due
31: Radio is the backdrop for new VH1 comedy
31: Buffalo paper supports broadcast royalties
31: Seth Godin's new book suggests radio groups are creating "Meatball Sundaes"
31: Thoughts on Larry Rosin's "nationalized" HD Radio idea
January 30, 2008
30: ASCAP, RIAA square off in new CRB royalty hearing
30: Sites connect bands needing a break with fans looking for new music
January 29, 2008
29: Rosin: National programming brands would ensure HD has top-notch content
29: Moody music with a techy twist from Batanga
29: WEEI's site vital cog in station's Super Bowl coverage
January 28, 2008
28: Web Radio grabs over 8 million weekly listeners in the UK
28: Social webcaster acquired by growing imeem service
28: Revamped RadioIO to wrap up new channel launches by end of month
January 25, 2008
25: Yahoo! Music could shift model to unprotected, ad-supported
25: Paragon: Radio should listen to kids that don't listen to radio
25: Newspaper websites attract nearly 63 million per month
January 24, 2008
24: Last.fm shockwaves will reach all radio media, says report
24: Copyright deal vital to opening EU markets to creative content
24: "New Streamiums are Net radio devices "grown up"
24: The New York Times is wrong -- Last.fm is NOT "more like radio"
January 23, 2008
23: Could this be the 'celestial jukebox?' Last.fm launches new service
23: Cuban proposes new sale model for the record industry
23: Free streaming service from French telco announced
January 22, 2008
22: More to making money from "free" than banner ads, Long Tail author says
22: Apple to open iPhone streaming development with software kit
22: Wired ranks Radio among 33 things that "suck"
22: Chip would deliver Net radio to digital picture frames
January 21, 2008
21: High-speed, long-distance wireless launches in 3 cities
21: Broadcast groups chiefs' summit to be webcast
January 18, 2008
18: Public stations get grants to build Web worlds in Second Life
18: DiMA hire may be "foot in the door" at House Judiciary
18: Online licensing snags may cost music industry its future
18: Net radio portal banks on "portability"
January 17, 2008
17: Report estimates 40% surge in 2007 streaming ad revenue
17: Future of Music Policy Summit streaming footage posted
17: EMI urges RIAA to merge with global organization
17: Broadcasters have spent 50 years, pre-web, in "one-way street" mode
January 16, 2008
16: Cumulus to move Atlanta alternative format to Net
16: Squeezebox player upgrades design, downgrades sticker price
16: Internet Radio now delivered... via your piano
16: Key proponent of performance royalties may leave Congressional post
January 15, 2008
15: Pandora's music box available to international listeners -- for now
15: New product will track radio audience behavior in real time
15: HD Radio Alliance found a workable tactic... but it's off-strategy!
January 14, 2008
14: CRB denies SX for more satellite money, but where's fairness for webcasters?
14: Mixed feelings from member stations about NPR Music site
14: 2008 "all about Internet radio," says UK pub
January 11, 2008
11: Pandora's UK royalty math checks out, says expert
11: "Sleeper hit" of '08? Fortune predicts high-tech radios
January 10, 2008
10: Godin takes "music lessons" from labels' slide
10: Ex-Yahoo! exec Goldberg funding live concert streaming site
10: Sleek iPhone dock pumps portable Net radio
January 09, 2008
09: DiMA, labels' publishing groups at odds over royalty
09: Plans for WiMax-ready devices, laptops introduced at CES
January 08, 2008
08: Pandora will shut off UK streams
08: At CES: New service to cache Net radio on iPhone
08: At CES: Clock radio device Net radio-capable
January 07, 2008
07: Portable wireless audio to get spotlight at CES
07: Politics-only secondary stream boosts WCBS' online primary coverage
07: Today in rock history: Telephone industry offers valuable lesson for radio
January 04, 2008
04: SanFran MusicTech Summit announced
04: Broadcast pros point to Internet as radio's near-term future
04: Digitial sales buoyed overall music purchases in '07
January 03, 2008
03: Video demo shows off Nokia mobile's Net radio power
03: Robertson's MP3Tunes locker opens up to the Wii
January 02, 2008
02: ATH royalty payment option off the table in '08
02: USB Net radio recorder is good start, but lacks storage space