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RAIN 7/29: Last.fm grew U.S. traffic 90% in past year, says Goodman

Posted on: 07/29/2010


Though there has been little news from CBS-owned Last.fm of late, CBS Interactive president David Goodman says the music site has seen 90% audience growth in the U.S. over the past 12 months.

He also said that Last.fm’s unique visitor count has increased from 3.5 million last year to 8 million now. Plus, the site has “exceeded revenue targets” and “generates 30-40 million pieces of listening data every day — equivalent to 1,000 per second.”

Goodman also told the UK’s Guardian that Last.fm will soon be advertised by CBS in the London Underground. He plans to integrate Last.fm’s services across CBS networks — a move that seems to already be developing, what with Last.fm’s inclusion in the recent launch of Radio.com (RAIN coverage here).

Finally, Goodman said “he wants Last.fm to become the definitive source of data on what people are listening to, replacing Soundscan.” The Guardian has much more on the story here.

RAIN ANALYSIS: Note that Goodman gives no specific information to The Guardian on growth or decline of the audience of Last.fm’s radio feature. As one Guardian reader notes on its message board, “It sounds like they’re focusing on making use of its database of user listening habits more than they are on trying to compete with Spotify/Pandora through web-based streaming. This seems eminently sensible.”


The Wall Street Journal reports that a proposed study would explore the effectiveness of using iPhones to collect audience data. The study would be for the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, “a high-profile collaboration between the media and ad industries” which includes NBC, Viacom, Procter & Gamble and others.

Basically, consumers would receive an iPhone packaged with a special app. They would use this application to answer questions “such as what media they were watching or listening to, who they were doing it with and whether they were using more than one device at a time.”

The study comes in response to growing demand from advertisers and media providers to accurately learn how and when people are now consuming media. “When you go from a single-media world to a multimedia world, then all the media-measurement techniques have to change“ said Jane Clark, managing director of CIMM. The study could get underway this fall, but there is some question of whether it is cost-effective. Read more from WSJ here.


Verizon Wireless customers consume the most mobile data per month, not iPhone users as you might expect. That’s according to data from 20,000 wireless bills between January and May 2010, analyzed by Validas.

The average non-Blackberry-using Verizon smartphone accesses 421MB of data per month, compared to 338MB by iPhone users on AT&T. Only 11% of Verizon customers use between 500MB and 1GB of data a month, but that’s compared to 5.6% of iPhone users.

Overall, Validas found that mobile data use is on the rise, with 53% of all cellular subscribers in the U.S. now paying for data. That’s up from 42% last year. Ars Technica has more on the story here.

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