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RAIN 9/1: FilterMusic.net excels at helping you discover new streams

Posted on: 09/01/2010


Some Internet radio sites go for the razzle and dazzle, but as we saw with Shuffler (RAIN coverage here), sometimes simple and to-the-point is most effective. That’s again the case with FilterMusic.net, an aggregator of Shoutcast Net radio streams.

The interface is simple: 18 genres are listed along the left side of the screen in a sleek white-on-black style. Selecting a genre pulls up a list of stations within that genre. You can also search for stations based on keyword (though this stops the playback of any stream you were already listening to).

As far as selection, FilterMusic.net features everything from SomaFM to Radio Paradise and hundreds (if not thousands) of streams in between. No Flash-based or customizable streams are included (like Pandora or AccuRadio). The site lets you tune in via its embedded player — which keeps playing while you browse other stations — listen in your favorite media player, access the stream’s URL, bookmark it or express your opinion through like and dislike buttons. There’s even an iPhone- and mobile-friendly version of the site.

Despite a few hiccups, FilterMusic.net is great for discovering new stations — though once you find a new favorite stream, there are probably better ways to tune in on a daily basis. (Hat tip to KillerStartups for cluing us in to FilterMusic.net). — MS


Apple is holding a press event today at noon Central Time, with an apparent emphasis on music. Apple’s invitations to the event featured a guitar, and many analysts expect the company to announce some sort of cloud-based music streaming service. Other rumors include updated iPods (possibly including video chat-capable iPod Touches) and/or a major overhaul of Apple TV.

More big updates to look out for include upgrading iPads to iOS4, which would (finally) enable multitasking — a much-needed improvement from an Internet radio perspective. We’ll have full coverage of all Apple’s announcements tomorrow. To see updates live from the event, we’d recommend Engadget’s live feed here.


RadioTime has purchased TuneIn, an Internet radio aggregator app for iOS devices. The company has also hired the app’s developer to manage the app and build future RadioTime apps for devices like the iPad.

TuneIn, (previously dubbed RadioIn and covered by RAIN here) costs $1.99 and features RadioTime’s Internet radio directory. It has been downloaded over 700,000 times, according to RadioTime. The app also serves as a “radio DVR,” letting users pause and rewind live radio. You can also find stations based on artist or song searches and find local stations using your device’s GPS. Find RadioTime’s press release here.


Only 27 days remain before RAIN Summit East, so be sure to register soon! The Summit will feature a jam-packed line-up of industry leaders. That includes Bonneville president/CEO Bruce Reese, who will deliver the Summit’s keynote address. It’s sure to be an unmissable presentation!

RAIN Summit East is an official co-located event of the RAB/NAB Radio Show. It takes place Tuesday, September 28 in Washington D.C. The Summit will feature a long list of radio experts, from Bonneville president/CEO Bruce Reese to AccuRadio COO John Gehron. More details, and information on how to register, can be found here. We hope to see you there!

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