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RAIN 9/3: RAIN Summit East programming panel hosts radio vets and new media pros alike

Posted on: 09/03/2010


As we move closer to RAIN Summit East — set for September 28 in Washington D.C. — our agenda gets more and more packed with top broadcasters and Internet radio insiders. An exemplary example is our “Growing Your Online Audience: Programming and Marketing” panel, which features experienced veterans from both traditional and online radio.

In fact, the panel represents the full spectrum of modern radio. Tom Bender of Greater Media Interactive will speak for broadcasters, while AOL Radio’s Pete Schiecke will represent the pureplay Internet radio community. And Bonneville’s John Meyer is a pro with a foot in both camps.

Bender (pictured left) has served as Senior Vice President & General Manager of Greater Media Interactive since 2007. Previously, he acted as Greater Media’s Regional GM for Detroit for over 20 years. In 2005, Radio Ink named Bender “Market Manager of the Year” and he was inducted into the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in July of 2007.

Bonneville’s John Meyer (pictured right) serves as Director of Digital Media for WTOP Federal News Radio in Washington D.C. He’s been with WTOP since 1996 and has guided the station’s digital efforts since the early dot-com days. WTOP.com has won 4 of the last 7 Edward R. Murrow Awards for best Radio Station Website in the country under his guidance. In 2000, Meyer also helped launch FederalNewsRadio.com — an Internet-only radio stream for the Federal government.

Pete Schiecke (pictured left) serves as AOL Radio’s Programming Director, overseeing over 200 streaming radio stations. AOL Radio is a part of CBS Interactive (alongside Last.fm and Yahoo Launchcast; RAIN coverage here) and is included in the new Radio.com portal read RAIN‘s review here).

The panel will be moderated by radio veteran John Gehron (pictured right), AccuRadio COO and a former programmer.

RAIN Summit East is an official co-located event of the RAB/NAB Radio Show. It takes place Tuesday, September 28 in Washington D.C. More details, and information on how to register, can be found here. We hope to see you there!


Streaming products provider Jetcast announced today it’s streaming more than 50 channels for webcast 1Club.fm at a remarkably high 320 kilobits per second.

The streams are free, and don’t “time out” when a listener doesn’t interact with the player.

The bit rate is a measure of the audio resolution of the stream. Typical music Internet radio streams are 128 kbps for MP3 streams, and perhaps 64 kbps for AAC streams. Fidelity improves as the bitrate increases (to the point of about 320 kbps for compressed music). However, such a high bitrate have the potential to lead to connection problems for those on DSL or less-than-ideal broadband connections.

“We have always been concerned with audio quality,” said 1Club.fm’s Ken Jason. “1CLUB.FM’s new 320 kbps HD Internet radio stations are crystal clear and are perfect for people who listen at home through high-end stereo equipment, or at work, or in the car… There is separation of high, mid and low ranges, and no more flanged out-of-phase sound.”

Jetcast calls it HDiRadio (and hosts a site that aggregates its high quality streams at HDiRadio.com). Listening to the high-bandwidth streams requires the installation of the Jetcast player (and a Firefox plug-in).


Internet radio is making its way into more and more consumer devices. Today we thought we’d share the eye-catching Philips Streamium Wireless Micro Hifi system, which comes with Internet radio streaming capabilities and FM radio. Plus, it can stream music from your home computers. It also comes with a CD player, USB port and AUX input for mp3 players. Quite the package and in a slim attractive form. Check it out at Pocket-lint.com here.

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