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RAIN 9/10: Apple relaxes rules on app developer tools, ad services

Posted on: 09/10/2010


Apple yesterday updated its rules for iOS apps — including a relaxed policy on app development that once again allows Flash-based tools. That means developers can create an apps in Flash, then port it to the iPhone’s native language. Apple banned developers from using Flash-based tools in April.

This change will speed up the app development process — good news for webcasters and broadcasters trying to build apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, webOS and soon Windows Phone 7 devices.

But this does not — repeat, not — mean that Flash is coming to iPhones. “I think it will snow in Cupertino before that happens,” argues Richard Doherty, research director for the Envisioneering Group of New York. “Flash is just too darn inefficient for Apple’s iPad and iPhone goals of long battery life.” So iPhone users looking to stream Pandora, AccuRadio or other Flash-based services still need to use dedicated applications.

Apple’s updated rules also allow developers more flexibility in choosing ad providers — including AdWords and AdMob from Google. In April (shortly after announcing iAds), Apple published new rules that seemed to disallow third-party ad services from collecting user data; Google’s ad services seemed banned altogether (RAIN coverage here). Yesterday’s changes reverse that ban — more good news for webcasters looking to monetize their mobile efforts.

For much more coverage, check out the San Francisco Chronicle‘s article here and PC World‘s report here.


Just over two weeks remain before RAIN Summit East and we’re still announcing speakers set to appear in our jam-packed agenda! That includes Lee Knife of DiMA, Bill Moore of RadioTime and Heidi Elgaard of Live365.

Lee Knife (pictured right) is the acting Executive Director for the Digital Media Association (“DiMA”). The trade organization is a Washington D.C. lobbying firm, representing companies like Apple’s iTunes, YouTube, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Live365 and others. DiMA was instrumental in negotiating realistic royalty agreements with SoundExchange. Knife will speak during RAIN Summit East’s panel on Internet radio royalties, “Royalties: P.R.A. and Beyond.”

Bill Moore, CEO of RadioTime (pictured left), founded the company in 2002. His 20 years of technology experience includes management, marketing, sales, and development. Moore will appear as part of our much-anticipated “Internet Radio in the Car” panel.

Heidi Elgaard will be delivering the Summit’s first Pecha Kucha — a Japanese term (pronounced “peh-CHAHK-cha”) which requires speakers to show exactly 20 slides for exactly 20 seconds each. She is Live365’s director of marketing and has over 15 years of marketing and business development experience. Live365 — which recently passed its 10-year anniversary — unveiled a completely redesigned website not long ago (RAIN coverage here and here).

RAIN Summit East is an official co-located event of the RAB/NAB Radio Show. It takes place Tuesday, September 28 in Washington D.C. The Summit will feature a long list of radio experts, from Bonneville president/CEO Bruce Reese to AccuRadio COO John Gehron. More details, and information on how to register, can be found here. We hope to see you there!


Kurt Hanson will speak at this year’s Digital Music Forum West in Los Angeles, October 6-7. He’ll appear as part of the “Internet Radio: What Does the Future Hold?” panel, which takes place October 7 at 9AM.

Joining Hanson will be Johnie Floater, GM of Media at Live365, CEO/founder of 8tracks David Porter and Colin Rushing and Senior Counsel of SoundExchange. Find out more about Digital Music Forum West here.


Crowd-sourced radio service Jelli has added Twitter functionality — allowing users to send tweets to their followers when their songs are played on-air. “Integrating Twitter with Jelli cranks up the engagement quotient and makes broadcast radio more immediate, more responsive and that much more social,” said Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty. Radio Ink has more coverage here.

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