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RAIN 10/28: Internet radio review: All California Rock

Posted on: 10/28/2010


One of the newest players in the ever-growing Internet radio field is All California Rock, a stream focusing on, you guessed it, California rock. “The Beach Boys to Metallica and everything in between,” including up-and-coming artists. So what’s notable about yet another Shoutcast Internet radio stream?

Well, for one thing, this webcast has music industry vets Jeff Gonzer and Jon Scott behind it. For another, they get just about everything right. The stream’s website is a convergence of style and function — it quickly speeds you on your way to the music and looks good doing it.

All California Rock’s pop-up player follows suit. It displays all the basics (player controls, album art, metadata and social networking interaction buttons) clearly and smartly. The player even integrates banner ads and code for an embeddable widget.

While the stream is non-customizable (everybody hears the same song at the same time), All California Rock is polished and makes streaming a simple, enjoyable experience. Some broadcasters’ websites would do well to follow the example set by this service’s streamlined elegance. If you love classic West Coast rock with a mix of contemporary hits, All California Rock is the site for you. Find it here. — MS


More folks in the UK are listening to online radio compared to last year, according to new data from RAJAR. Internet radio reached about 8.5% of the UK population per week in September, compared to 6.5% in September 2009. Additionally, 12.8% of all adults now say they have listened to radio via a mobile phone, compared to 12.6% in Q1 2010. 30.7% of 15-24 year-olds say they’ve used a mobile device to listen to radio.

Overall, 20.4 million people in the UK tune in to digital radio each week, up from 17.7 million last year. Digital radio listening hours are up 22.8% year-on-year. DAB radio ownership is up too. Find out more from RAJAR’s findings here (PDF).


Facing plummeting visitorship and shrinking revenue, News Corp.‘s MySpace has unveiled a “dramatic remake” with a slimmer design and a new focus on entertainment content. That includes music, videos and celebrity gossip.

Comments The Washington Post (here), “If the relaunch is successful, MySpace may still become the cultural powerhouse MTV was in the 1990s…The site will also make its most loyal users the curators in a feature that’s coming at a yet-unspecified date.”


Grace has revealed a new tabletop Wi-Fi radio, capable of not only streaming 50,000 radio stations, podcasts and on-demand content but of playing Pandora radio streams. The $169 radio even has “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons on the remote control and the device itself. The GDI-IR2550p radio can also be controlled via an iPhone app. Twice.com has more coverage here.

Livio also has a Wi-Fi radio available which can stream and control Pandora channels (RAIN coverage here).

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  1. thanks for the shoutout! Man that article seemed like forever ago when we launched the Pandora Radio!

    Jake Sigal · Oct 28, 03:09 PM · #

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! All California Rock will only get better as we add more songs and that oh wow content.

    Jon Scott · Oct 28, 05:10 PM · #

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