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RAIN 11/11: New study offers tips on avoiding user dissatisfaction with branded apps

Posted on: 11/11/2010


A new study offers advice on how to avoid the most common pitfalls with branded apps, which often lead to user dissatisfaction. In fact, Harris Interactive — commissioned by user experience company EffectiveUI — found that nearly 40% of app users were dissatisfied with apps from their favorite brands.

That said, 76% believe a brand should have a mobile app, primarily “to make shopping or interacting with them easier.” The key word there is “easier” — 73% of respondents said they expect an app to be easier to use than the brand’s website. Indeed, the study found that user experience is usually more important to users than the brand behind an app.

To avoid user dissatisfaction, EffectiveUI offers 3 tips:

  • 1) Focus on the customer’s needs, as well as business needs. Find out what your customers want out of your mobile app.
  • 2) Target the devices your target audience uses most.
  • 3) “Make sure your feature set fits the mobile experience,” don’t just cram every feature from your website onto the mobile device.
  • The study found that if a user is dissatisfied with a brand’s app, they will likely feel negative about the brand as a whole. Plus, 32% said they have told others about their bad app experiences — an important finding, as 66% said they download apps based on recommendations or reviews.

    All told, the results show “that organizations must invest more in the user experience of their mobile apps, rather than rely solely on the brand,” said Rebecca Flavin, CEO of EffectiveUI. You can find the company’s press release here.


    BRS Media’s Internet radio directory Web-Radio continues its tradition of highlighting the growing number of holiday music online listening options with a “Christmas Radio Stations” Online section.

    “The Christmas section of Web-Radio is always one of our most popular features,” said BRS Media Chairman & CEO George Bundy. This is now the 15th year Web-Radio has offered the dedicated feature. Already, there are more than 70 webcasters and broadcasters with available holiday music streams.

    See the Web-Radio Christmas section here, and download the Web-Radio Christmas Player Widget from that page. The BRS Media press release is here.


    Streaming, online ad, and analytics solutions provider Abacast announced today it has raised $500,000 of convertible debt financing “to expand its engineering and sales teams, accelerate product development, develop additional partnerships, and increase marketing initiatives.”

    Also, the company officially gave interim CEO Rob Green the full title. Green, a vet of Nine Systems and Microsoft, is a member of the Abacast Board of Directors.


    The latest web-connected TV device, the Boxee Box, launched yesterday. It boasts plenty of video features, of course, but also includes “apps” from Pandora, Last.fm and other Internet radio services. It may just be one of the best TV boxes for streaming radio. Look for a full review of the device coming soon from RAIN!

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