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RAIN 12/7: RAIN reviews CBS Radio's just-released Radio.com iPhone app

Posted on: 12/07/2010


CBS Radio’s Radio.com platform (which integrates CBS Radio stations with AOL Radio and Yahoo Music) has come to the iPhone in the form of a new free app. The Radio.com app features more than 200 music and talk stations, social networking features plus ads that can target users based on station, genre, or location. Among the most popular stations available are sports legend WFAN in New York, the World Famous KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, WXRT-FM, Chicago’s Finest Rock station, as well as Last.fm Discover, Yahoo!’s Today’s Big Hits and AOL’s Top Country.

The app organizes its stations nicely by genre and location, in addition to favorites and history tabs. But unfortunately Radio.com does not offer search. Besides that little hiccup, Radio.com is an enjoyable, easy-to-use app. Its great to see CBS Radio producing an integrated iPhone app on the same level as Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio (plus, Radio.com’s app earns bonus points for replacing my Yahoo Music and AOL Radio apps). You can find RAIN‘s review of the Radio.com website here — MS


Is Pandora a fun way to discover new music, or rather an autobot that compresses the emotional experience of music into soulless equations? That’s the question explored by a new editorial from The New York Times Magazine. Columnist Virginia Heffernan compares Pandora to the chess-playing IBM computer Deep Blue.

“Like Deep Blue, Pandora reduces a human pastime around which people design their whole emotional lives — chess, music — to a set of flow charts. Just the idea of that hurts a little,” she writes. “Listening to Pandora makes you feel predictable.”

But the idea of Pandora is still intriguing to Heffernen. She found she enjoys the service if she shifts her expectations.

“I conceded up front that it could never take the place of my old relationship with music — with the college D.J.’s who didn’t try to guess what I would like but rather showed me how to like what they liked. This time, Pandora worked. The experience doesn’t give you the pleasure of tangling with other human minds. But having your own affinities spelled out and even dramatized has become another kind of amusement. I’m getting into it.”

You can read the full piece here.


One of the most interesting features of the new color touchscreen eBook reader from Barnes & Noble was its Pandora app (RAIN coverage here) and the promise that other developers could soon build their own Nook apps. Now the bookseller has released the SDK for the Android-powered device, allowing developers to build special Nook Color apps.

Internet radio apps for an eBook reader may sound goofy, but think of the Nook Color as really an Android tablet computer in disguise. Read more on the story from Engadget here.

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