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RAIN 12/10: Arbitron sounds serious about measuring Internet radio again

Posted on: 12/10/2010


Industry news source Inside Radio followed up yesterday on a story it broke last month (see RAIN coverage here), that Arbitron will likely soon resume measuring Internet radio listening.

Arbitron Senior VP/Marketing Bill Rose (pictured) spoke to the topic during the “Last Word” Q&A session at Wednesday’s Arbitron Client Conference. He said Arbitron is considering a hybrid approach that would use different sets of data, including “server-side” measurements as well as existing Arbitron measurement serivces (diary and PPM). (PPMs do, in fact, measure terrestrial radio streams that meet a “minimum listening” threshold. Next year diary-keepers will also be able to record their online listening, says Inside Radio.)

“Since Bill Kerr took over as CEO in January, Arbitron has expressed a willingness to form strategic partnerships to expand its media measurement menu,” writes Inside Radio, “but it’s unclear if the company is considering competing against or partnering with Ando.”

Arbitron has, in the past, rated Internet radio streams, originally with its “Arbitron Webcast Ratings.” Later, it revamped the service after acquiring Measurcast technologies. Most recently, it rating Net radio listening as a joint project with comScore (read RAIN coverage here ; the service ended quietly early last year, read here.)

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AllThingsDigital’s Kara Swisher reports CBS Interactive president Neil Ashe will leave his post some time next year. RBR.com says it’s not likely Ashe was shown the door at CBS, with his division’s display ad revenue up some 17% in Q3 2010.

A CBS spokesman said, “Neil has helped make CBSi into the successful and profitable business it is today. Looking out into 2011, we are working on a relaxed timeframe [though Swisher says she heard about the move from people being interviewed to replace Ashe — ed.] to name a successor to his post, as he embarks on his next great thing.”

Ashe has run the division for two years following CBS’s $1.8 billion CNet Networks acquisition. He took over all of CBS’s digital properties in 2008, including CNet, CBS.com, ZDNet, Last.fm, CBSNews.com, CBS Sports.com, CBS MoneyWatch.com and TV.com.

Read Swisher in AllThingsDigital.com here and RBR.com’s coverage here.


Apple’s iPad can easily be “the best radio you’ve ever owned,” through the acquisition of one or more dedicated Internet radio apps. That’s according to UK-based TheNextWeb.com’s “Apps” blog.

“You may not realise it, but the iPad is potentially one the best portable radios available, as long as you have an Internet connection available. It’s got a good pair of built-in speakers and accessing a world of radio stations is just an app download away.”

The blog offers quick reviews of apps from five Internet radio aggregators: TuneIn Radio (pictured), Tunemark, Internet RadioBox, WunderRadio, and ActionRadio (quick reminder: U.S.-based industry leader Pandora is not available in the UK, nor are many other leading webcasters).

Read more in TheNextWeb.com here.

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