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RAIN 12/28: RAIN's 2010 in review, Pt. 2

Posted on: 12/28/2010


This week, RAIN will take a look back at the biggest headlines of 2010. Today we highlight April through June — a time when big news from companies like Apple and Facebook affected Internet radio. You can find part one of our review of 2010 here.

RAIN 4/2: Pandora, NPR, CBS, AccuRadio unveil iPad apps

Apple’s new tablet device, the iPad, landed in consumers’ hands on April 3. Pandora, NPR, CBS and AccuRadio were right there with special new iPad apps. Continue reading here.

RAIN 4/8: New iPhone OS to support “background audio”

We learned in April that Apple’s new iOS 4.0 operating system (upon which the iPhone and iPad run) would enable multitasking, allowing for “background audio” from certain applications, so users could (finally) enjoy audio sources like Pandora while managing other tasks on their device. Multitasking wouldn’t arrive until June. Read more here.

RAIN 4/23: Wired details Pandora’s use of new Facebook tools

Facebook in April launched an extensive API called “Open Graph,” with Pandora as one of the first major websites to jump on-board. Wired explains Pandora’s integration with Facebook. Many of the features would later lead to privacy concerns among users. Read more here.

RAIN 5/20: SoundEx “undistributed funds” top $200 million, Digital Music News finds

Digital Music News reported that SoundExchange was holding over $200 million in unpaid royalties. “The amount may be quite a bit more,” DMN claimed. That was up from $96.7 million it had at the end of 2006. You can read more about Digital Music News‘ findings here.

RAIN 5/26: Nearly half of FM stations are streaming online, Arbitron reports

For the first time, Arbitron included streaming radio stations in the National Format Shares and Station Counts section of its annual Radio Today report. Based on Arbitron’s stats, Jennifer Lane of Audio4Cast calculated that 48% of all FM stations and 32% of AM stations were streaming their programming online. Continue reading here.

RAIN 6/2: AT&T to eliminate unlimited data plans

AT&T announced it would soon eliminate its unlimited data plan for new wireless customers and introduce caps on usage — but with lower prices. Since then other cellular providers have voiced their intention to follow suit. Read more here.

RAIN 6/7: iPhone 4 unveiled

Steve Jobs took to the stage at WWDC to unveil Apple’s new iPhone 4 — a stainless steel device thinner than the previous iPhone 3GS which would ship with multitasking and the newly-renamed iOS 4. That new operating system allowed music apps — like those that stream Internet radio — to play in the background while running other apps. Continue reading here.

RAIN 6/21: New iPhone “multitasking” OS lands today

Apple’s iOS4 launched, complete with the ability to run apps in the background. In other words, users were finally able to listen to Internet radio apps while using other applications. You can find the full story here.

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