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RAIN 12/29: New Internet radio ratings for October, November

Posted on: 12/29/2010


Yesterday Ando Media released its Webcast Metrics charts for October and November 2010. The ratings show Pandora increasing its considerable lead, reaching an AAS (Average Active Sessions, which is essentially equivalent to AQH — i.e., average simultaneous listeners) of 492,209 in the November domestic (Mon-Sun 6a-12m) ranking. That’s up 9% from October 2010 and 163% from November 2009.

But the strongest month-to-month growth in Ando’s newly-released rankings comes from AccuRadio and Slacker. AccuRadio’s November AAS of 5,902 (domestic, 6a-12m) is up 16% from October. AccuRadio’s audience has grown 20% since November 2009.

Meanwhile, Slacker’s AAS reached 20,524 in the domestic (Mon-Sun 6a-12m) chart for November. That’s up a staggering 45% from October, an increase that would seem to be due to factors outside just organic growth (for example, perhaps Ando is now tracking additional segments of Slacker’s audience). RAIN is currently trying to contact Slacker for more information.

The top 5 broadcaster groups achieved an AAS in November (domestic, Mon-Sun 6a-12m) of 260,057, approximately 53% of Pandora’s AAS. #2-ranked CBS Radio achieved an AAS of 112,174 in November — down 1% from October. CBS Radio’s AAS has dropped 16% since November 2009. Citadel has made the largest gain year-over-year, growing its audience by 43% since November 2009.

You can find more from Ando Media here. Read through RAIN‘s coverage of September’s Webcast Metrics here. Finally, check out Ando’s domestic, Mon-Sun 6am-12m charts for October and November below.


CNet has published a video walk-through of Pandora on a 2011 Ford Fiesta — the model which can stream and control Pandora on smartphones thanks to a recent Sync AppLink update (RAIN coverage here).

Minus a few voice-command hiccups and a (in our humble opinions) convoluted update process, streaming Pandora to a Ford dashboard seems to be a painless experience. Drivers can control playback with voice commands (“Play station: The Hives radio”), or through buttons on the steering wheel — even giving a thumbs up or thumbs down. You can watch the video and read CNet’s take on the experience here.


Apple and a number of iPhone app-makers — including Pandorahave been sued for providing advertisers with information about users without their consent. An L.A. resident filed the suit and is seeking class action status. The lawsuit comes in the wake of a Wall Street Journal investigation about smartphone apps releasing user data to third-parties (RAIN coverage here).

“At issue is the practice of some app makers of passing identifying and location information about an app user to companies that show advertisements inside the apps,” explains Wired (here). “The apps do not ask permission to do so, nor do they make it clear to users that such information is being sent to third parties.”

RAIN ANALYSIS: As we pointed out in covering WSJ‘s investigation, Pandora does inform iPhone users that “Pandora may use my device model, ID and system version to personalize listening and advertising.” Whether that will hold up in court is yet to be seen.

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