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RAIN 12/30: RAIN's 2010 in review, Pt. 3

Posted on: 12/30/2010

Editor’s note: RAIN returns Monday, January 3. Happy new year!


This week RAIN looks back to the biggest Internet radio headlines of 2010. You can find part one (January-March) here and part two (April-June) here. Today we round-up our headlines from July through September.

RAIN 7/2: SoundExchange chief Simson stepping down

John Simson, the executive director of SoundExchange, will leave the non-profit royalty collection group at the end of the year. Simson will return to his “creative roots,” SoundExchange said. Continue reading here.

RAIN 7/19: Dahl, Gehron present at RAIN Summit Midwest

“Frankly, most program directors don’t listen to their streams,” said AccuRadio COO John Gehron to open his panel at RAIN Summit Midwest, which took place in July at Conclave in Minneapolis. That means no one is noticing problems — problems that need to be fixed before the “great equalizer” of in-car Internet radio arrives. Continue reading here.

RAIN 7/29: Last.fm grew U.S. traffic 90% in past year, says Goodman

Though there had been little news from CBS-owned Last.fm during summer, CBS Interactive president David Goodman said the music site had seen 90% audience growth in the U.S. over the past 12 months. Find the full issue here.

RAIN 8/6: NAB releases proposed broadcast royalty terms

Following a meeting with its board in response to music industry efforts to gain a royalty for on-air play of copyright recordings, the NAB publicly released “proposed terms under consideration” for a settlement — several of which have implications for online radio. Continue reading here.

RAIN 9/13: Pureplay Net radio listenership pulling even with AM/FM simulcasts, says Bride Ratings

Bridge Ratings announced that Internet-only pureplay web radio services were nearing equal popularity with terrestrial radio simulcasts. As of June 2010, pureplay services made up 49% of all online radio listening — up from 35% in November 2009. Read more here, with even more details here.

RAIN 9/16: Slacker’s new “Premium Radio” includes on-demand music service

One of the top customizable Internet radio services, Slacker, debuted a new dimension to their business: on-demand music. Read more here.

RAIN 9/17: GM to add in-car Pandora access to OnStar system

General Motors, in a move to keep up with other car-makers like Ford and Mini, announced that its cars would soon be able to access Pandora and other web-based “apps.” Called MyLink, the Internet-ready system will be a part of the OnStar service. Continue reading here.

RAIN 9/21: Pureplays dominate terrestrial simulcasts in July Ando rankings

Ando Media’s Webcast Metrics for July 2010 showed online-only pureplay webcasters surpassing terrestrial simulcasts with over 50% of AAS in the U.S.-only charts. Pureplays also increased their representation in Ando’s Top 20 charts primarily due to a 7.5% month-over-month increase in Pandora’s audience, but also due to the addition of Slacker as a new Ando client. Continue reading here.

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