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RAIN 1/6: RAIN heads to Vegas for CES

Posted on: 01/06/2011


RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson heads to Las Vegas today (along with seemingly the rest of the industry) for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Tomorrow morning, he’ll be covering the IMDA (Internet Media Device Alliance) Internet Radio Forum at the Las Vegas Hilton (info and agenda here). Among the professionals slated to speak is Strategy Analytics’ Roger Lanctot (who spoke at RAIN Summit East in D.C. last September).

If you’re in Vegas and would like to meet up with Kurt, he’s available via e-mail here.


Twice.com warned us in December that this would be the year Net radio (and especially Internet radio in cars) went mainstream at CES 2011 (RAIN coverage here). Any doubters of that prediction would do well to check out our list of today’s news from Las Vegas:

MINI ADDS IN-CAR PANDORA SUPPORT Mini has added support for Pandora iPhone apps to its in-car Connect system. That’s in addition to Mini’s own Net radio iPhone app aggregator (RAIN coverage here). Drivers tune in to Pandora by hooking up their iPhone to their dashboard, then control playback via the slick in-dash display. The BBC has more egmCarTech has more coverage, and Mini’s press release, here.

APP-FRIENDLY SYNC SYSTEM COMING TO FORD MUSTANG The 2012 Ford Fiesta can already stream Pandora through smartphones apps, as well as control playback through voice commands. The 2012 Ford Mustang is next in line to earn Pandora support, the car manufacturer announced at CES. The AppLink-ready Mustang will be demonstrated at Las Vegas. Find Ford’s press release here.

LIVIO DEBUTS 2 IN-VEHICLE NET RADIO GADGETS Livio unveiled a new Carmen FM transmitter device and a Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit at CES. “We’re starting 2011 with an emphasis on the vehicle,” Livio Radio founder and CEO Jake Sigal said. You can find the company’s press release here.

SONY DEBUTS PANDORA-FRIENDLY CAR RADIO One of the new car stereo receivers from Sony includes compatibility with Pandora apps on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. The head unit controls Pandora playback via Bluetooth or USB, Sony demonstrated. Twice.com has more coverage here.

SONY ALSO LAUNCHES HOME MUSIC SYSTEM WITH SLACKER SUPPORT Sony also announced a new home music streaming system, similar to Sonos. Music is hosted on your home network and played to various receivers, some of which include docks for iPods or iPhones. The HomeShare system can also stream radio from Slacker and vTuner. PC Mag has more coverage here.

KENWOOD BRINGS PANDORA TO 9 CAR STEREO MODELS Kenwood will launch 9 new car stereo receivers this year, all of which will support Pandora apps on connected iPhones. Two of Kenwood’s new car stereos don’t include CD decks — only USB ports to hook up mp3 players. There’s a sign of the times for you. Twice.com has more coverage here.

PIONEER UNVEILS 9 PANDORA-FRIENDLY CAR STEREOS TOO, STARTING AT $150 Pioneer joins the in-car Net radio fray, building on last year’s offerings (RAIN coverage here) with a total of 9 Pandora-compatible head units. The cheapest model comes at only $150. Each one can control Pandora playback, but require a connected iPhone to access the web. Engadget has more coverage here.

UPDATE BRINGS AIRPLAY TO DENON, MARANTZ STEREO RECEIVERS Out of the car and into the living room. Denon and Marantz have launched a firmware update for several of their stereo receivers, which adds support for Apple’s AirPlay. That means owners can stream Net radio apps from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly to their home stereo receiver. Neat, huh? Engadget has more here.

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