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RAIN 1/19: New Triton Digital player designed to boost listener interaction, ad-targeting through social media integration

Posted on: 01/19/2011


Industry news source Inside Radio spoke with Triton Media COO Mike Agovino, who revealed details of new streaming software that promises to bring new levels of customization and social media connectivity to the listener, as well as more accurate ad targeting to advertisers.

Agovino says Triton will roll out a new media player with “social media” integration this quarter. It’ll give webcasters (for those listeners who permit) access to their listeners’ social media profile data. (“When users click on the Listen Live button, a permission screen would pop up, where the user can choose to allow or not allow their profile to be imported,” writes Inside Radio.) Triton streaming clients will reportedly be able to use listeners’ social media data for ad-targeting purposes by Q3.

“Once that person is logged in, a lot of data is captured — everything across my news feed, everything I like, every friend across my graph,” Triton Media COO Mike Agovino said.

Will listeners go for it? Inside Radio reminds the readers of a recent Nielsen survey of which found that 38% of online consumers say they’d “definitely or probably” be willing to offer personal info for a free streaming service (28% said they “might or might not”). What’s more, the content provider will have to offer the listener some value in exchange for their data.

To that end, the new player, developed using social web user management platform Janrain, integrates with Facebook Connect, and allows listeners to see their friends currently logged onto Facebook, invite them to listen, and join a music trivia game. The Facebook integration enables listeners to “like” any streamed song, or tag songs to build a playlist to post on a Facebook page.

Upping the ante on listener value: Triton Digital’s plan is to offer “limited personalization” options, even for terrestrial streams, by year’s end. Agovino (left) says the technology “involves a combination of on-demand and live streaming technology working in conjunction with each other.”

He told Inside Radio, “Think of it as time being shifted and shifted back constantly… That stream can be live at times and on demand at other times.” Non-musical elements of the programming would stay the same between on-air and online, but each music stream each music stream would be served to listeners on an individual basis.

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The Pandora app is the most-downloaded free iPad app and the second most-downloaded free iPhone app in the history of Apple’s App Store (dating back to July 2008).

The top free iPhone app is Facebook, while the Google Mobile App is in the top three in free apps for both the iPhone and iPad. Music recognition app SoundHound is the most-purchased app for the iPad; Shazam (also music recognition) ranks fourth of the most-downloaded free apps for the iPhone. The “paid” apps rankings, by the way, tend to be dominated by games.

See the top ten among paid and free apps for the iPhone and the iPad in MusicWeek here.


Voracious Internet radio listening will soon be costlier for new Sprint wireless customers. Sprint Nextel revealed yesterday their plans to hike unlimited data plan fees for new smart phone customers by $10/month, effective January 30. That’ll bring the price to $109/month.

AT&T, remember, is moving toward tiered data plans. Verizon and T-Mobile, meanwhile, offer both tiered data rates and unlimited plans. Sprint is the third-largest U.S. wireless company.

Read more in The Washington Post here.

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