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RAIN 3/14: Net radio listening up 28% from July, reports Inside Radio

Posted on: 03/14/2011


In its lead story today, Inside Radio, analyzing data from Ando Media, reports that Internet radio’s audience (Mon-Fri 6am-8pm AAS) grew 28% from July 2010 to December 2010, lead by pureplay webcasters, which as a group grew over 40%.

During the period analyzed, Cumulus led the way with 73.5% growth, Inside Radio writes, with Slacker (73.1%) and AccuRadio (66.1%) following closely behind. Pandora ranked fourth with 43.2% growth (albeit over a much higher base audience).

It should be noted that Slacker’s “growth” is at least partly due to Ando Media adding the webcaster’s mobile streams to its reporting in December 2010 (RAIN coverage here).

Entercom came in at fifth with 24.1% growth, or “double the terrestrial industry average,” according to Inside Radio. Entercom VP of digital strategy and enterprise platforms Tim Murphy says the progress is due to their “Entercom everywhere” push, which involved building “individually tailored apps” for its 74 district radio brands — attracting 937,000 unique downloads so far.

What caused the strong growth for other webcasters? “Lower spotloads, a faster embrace of mobile platforms and the ability to personalize their listening experience,” writes Inside Radio. Holiday-related listening in December may also have played a part.

“Most pureplays have embraced mobile in a big way but terrestrial radio, apart from Clear Channel and CBS Radio, hasn’t been as quick to respond,” said Ando Media senior VP of marketing Patrick Reynolds. You can hear more from Reynolds at RAIN Summit West 2011 (more here). To read more from Inside Radio, subscribe here.


“The battle between Internet radio and traditional broadcasters is coming to a dashboard near you,” writes Fortune in a new article about “the great online car-radio race.”

The article pins Pandora against Clear Channel, both racing to grab “the 70% to 80% of radio listeners who tune in from their cars in any given week.”

At least one car-maker rep hopes both services succeed. “They’re different enough for people to want to listen to them at different times,” said Toyota’s advanced-technologies manager, Jim Pisz.

Concludes Fortune, “The winner of this latest clash may not be the company with the best tunes or the coolest deejays, but the one that makes flipping through online stations — while driving — as easy as just turning the dial.” Find the article here.

This is the second article from Fortune recently on Internet radio. Earlier they penned an article arguing that Pandora’s IPO is not the sign of a second dot-com bubble (RAIN coverage here)


TargetSpot says their Net radio ad billings are up 75% compared to last year. “The marketplace is on fire,” the company’s chief revenue officer Andy Lipset told Inside Radio. He said previous advertisers have increased buys while “a new wave” of clients jump aboard. Lipset also credits improved geo-targeting for the growth.

“Broadcasters are reporting similar results,” writes Inside Radio. Entercom collected $20 million in digital revenue in 2010, while Salem’s digital revenue increased 39% in the fourth quarter. Read more from Inside Radio by subscribing here.


Jennifer Lane of Audio4Cast rounds-up the Internet radio events at SXSW, starting with an Online Radio Meetup tomorrow hosted by SomaFM’s Rusty Hodge. Another highlight is Satuday’s “The View From Detroit: In Vehicle Music” panel, featuring Livio Radio’s Jake Sigal. Find out more from Audio4Cast here.

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