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RAIN 3/30: RAIN Summit adds Katz 360's Benedik, webcaster Goldsmith, digital music vet Cohen

Posted on: 03/30/2011


RAIN Summit West 2011 is approaching fast. This will be our ninth annual Summit out in Las Vegas and it already promises to be our biggest, best and most-attended event yet.

Today we’re adding three more speakers our RAIN Summit West agenda: President of Katz 360 Sales Brian Benedik, Managing Partner of TAG Strategic Ted Cohen and Radio Paradise founder Bill Goldsmith.

RAIN Summit West 2011 is shaping up to be a veritable “who’s who” of Internet radio and digital music. We’re selling tickets faster than ever before. If you’re planning on attending, please register soon before it’s too late. Don’t miss the Internet radio event of the year!

Benedik (pictured left) is a radio sales veteran with nearly 20-years of experience under his belt. He served at Eastman Radio, Clear Channel and Christal Radio before joining Katz 360. You can read more about Benedik and Katz 360 here.

Benedik will appear on our “Ad Campaign Showcase” panel, alongside Entercom’s Tim Murphy, Triton Media Group’s Bill Freund and moderator Robin Flynn of SNL Kagan.

TAG Strategic’s Ted Cohen (pictured below right) is a digital authority in music, mobile, IPTV and product & service development. His 30-year career includes serving with EMI Music as SVP of Digital Development & Distribution and leading two highly successful new media consulting operations. You can find Cohen’s full bio here.

Cohen will moderate our panel on “The Future of Music,” which will include Michael Robertson of Mp3Tunes, Ari Shohat of Digitally Imported, Eric Johnson of Wolfgang’s Valut and David Hyman of MOG.

Bill Goldsmith, founder and on-air host of Radio Paradise (pictured left), is a RAIN Summit veteran. He’s been involved in radio since 1971 and has worked at a wide range of stations, including KFAT (San Jose, CA), KLRB (Carmel, CA), KPOI (Honolulu, HI), WCAS (Cambridge, MA) and KPIG (Santa Cruz, CA) — where he started the world’s first full-time Internet radio broadcast in 1995. More about Goldsmith and Radio Paradise can be found here.

At RAIN Summit West 2011, Goldsmith will join Lee Abrams, AOL Radio’s Thomas Chau, Franke Kramer and Heidi Hamilton of “The Heidi and Frank Show,” and moderator John Gehron of AccuRadio on our “Compelling Content” panel.

RAIN Summit West 2011 takes place on Monday, April 11 in the Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel. The Summit will be a jammed-packed day of panels, speakers and research presentations, including a special keynote from CBS Radio president/CEO Dan Mason. More information about the Summit can be found here and you can register right now here We hope to see you there!


Mood-based Internet radio service Stereomood drew the attention of The Atlantic in a new article. Associate editor Jared Keller explains the service, its history and writes that Stereomood holds “some fascinating implications for the future of crowdsourced music engines.”

He continues, “While Pandora remains the archetypal recommendation engine, its insular model of relying on a single user’s preference makes it a less than perfect model for a database built on collective action. Until then, Stereomood’s mood-based taxonomy and open tagging model remains an interesting, social alternative to thinking about music recommendations on the Web.” You can find the full article from The Atlantic here.


Wired reviews one of the first stereo receivers to support Apple’s AirPlay wireless music system, the Denon RCD-N7. The stereo is capable of streaming music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch — including most Internet radio apps. And it does it wonderfully, according to Wired.

“This Denon system really nails it on features, performance, design aesthetic and ease of use,” writes Wired. “Ready to roll with AirPlay, Pandora, Napster, Last.fm and internet radio.” Find the full review here.

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