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RAIN 3/31: TargetSpot's Goldwerger, Fred Jacobs join RAIN Summit line-up

Posted on: 03/31/2011


Today we’re delighted to add two well-known radio and digital media experts to our agenda for RAIN Summit West 2011: TargetSpot CEO Eyal Goldwerger and Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media.

RAIN Summit West 2011 is shaping up to be a veritable “who’s who” of Internet radio and digital music. We’re selling tickets faster than ever before. If you’re planning on attending, please register soon before it’s too late. Don’t miss the Internet radio event of the year!

TargetSpot CEO Eyal Goldwerger (pictured left) will present the results of a new consumer research study at RAIN Summit West 2011. The study documents the increased effectiveness of advertising campaigns that include Internet radio as a component of their media mix.

Goldwerger is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience well beyond online radio. He has served as CEO of XMPie Inc., EVP Consumer Products & Distribution at a contextual online ad network, and was founder/CEO of GoCargo.com — an Internet-based global trading system for container shipping capacity.

Fred Jacobs has joined us at previous RAIN Summits and we’re delighted to have him back again for our ninth annual gathering in Las Vegas. Jacobs (pictured left) is a radio veteran of 20 years, founding Jacobs Media in 1983 and most recently becoming a strong force in the mobile Internet radio market with jacAPPS. His is a well-known voice, especially where mobile Internet radio is concerned, and we frequently cover his Jacobs Blog posts here at RAIN.

Jacobs will join us at RAIN Summit West 2011 as a panelist in our discussion on mobile Internet radio. He’ll be joined by Bonneville’s Mark Preston, Liquid Compass’ Zackary Lewis and moderator Dan Halyburton of McVay New Media.

RAIN Summit West 2011 takes place on Monday, April 11 in the Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel during the NAB Show. The Summit will be a jammed-packed day of panels, speakers and research presentations, including a special keynote from CBS Radio president/CEO Dan Mason. More information about the Summit can be found here and you can register right now here. We hope to see you there!


The UK’s consolidated web radio platform, Radioplayer, launched today with access to more than 150 different stations. That number will grow to over 220 stations within weeks as stations from services like Global Traffic Network and Planet Rock are added. Radioplayer also plans to add hundreds of local, regional, student and community radio stations.

The Radioplayer platform already includes BBC national and location stations, Global’s Capital and Heart networks, GMG’s Smooth Radio and Absolute Radio. A full list of included stations can be found from MediaUK.com here.

Users launch the Radioplayer pop-up player from each station’s website, or from Radioplayer’s website here. The player presents a revolving display of song and DJ information, weather, ads and other content. Users can find other UK radio stations from within the player, set presets and listen to on-demand content.

“It’s been designed to be really simple to use, but more importantly, consistent whether you’re listening to Juice 107.2 from Brighton, or the national BBC Radio 1,” writes radio expert James Cridland (who “helped kick off” Radioplayer). “It’s a shining example of ‘Agree on technology, compete on content.’

You can find more coverage of the Radioplayer’s launch from Cridland here, from The Guardian here, from the Daily Mail here and the service’s press release here. Read previous coverage of Radioplayer in RAIN here and here.

To hear more about Radioplayer and Internet radio aggregators and directories in general, be sure to register to attend RAIN Summit West 2011. James Cridland will moderate a panel on this very topic with AOL Music’s Lisa Namerow, Rusty Hodge of Soma.fm, John Ousby of vTuner, BRS Media’s George Bundy and Bill Moore from RadioTime. Find out more here.


Indie record label group A2IM says music service Rhapsody now wants to pay the “pureplay” webcaster royalty rates (like Pandora) for its Internet radio service, yet also relax the limitations other pureplay webcasters have on how the sound recordings are used.

Billboard.biz reported yesterday that the American Association of Independent Music sent a note to members yesterday on the matter.

“From what we’re hearing, Rhapsody is seeking the webcaster ‘pureplay’ royalty rates rather than using the standard… ‘CRB’ rates..,” Billboard.biz quotes the A2IM message. “These pureplay rates are approximately a 40% discount… offered to pureplay webcasters because of certain important concessions that these webcasters agree to..,” referring to the “sound performance complement” element of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which includes specific limits on song and artist plays.

“Rhapsody, it appears, is seeking the discounted rates without making the same concessions. For instance, we’ve heard that Rhapsody is looking to increase the number of times they can play music from the same artist in a three hour period to six times (which is double the amount allowed webcasters).”

Rhapsody is apparently proposing deals directly with copyright owners (that is, record labels) at the pureplay rates, avoiding both the statutory terms (which mandate following the “sound performance complement”) and industry collection agent SoundExchange altogether.

If this is true — that Rhapsody is offering to make direct royalty deals with the labels (as opposed to operating under the CRB) — then what hasn’t been mentioned is that the labels, as the sound recording copyright owners, would be under no obligation to split those royalties with performers (as they would under a statutory deal), and would be entitled to keep all those earnings. This might well be the carrot Rhapsody is extending to A2IM members.

As for Rhapsody, well, they don’t deny they’re looking for a better deal. They responded to the Billboard site, “We are constantly exploring new deals with our partners as we build our service and add new product innovations… Radio is an area of focus for us, so we are exploring a multitude of methods to bring radio to our subscribers. Radio is an excellent music discovery vehicle and we believe that it leads listeners to listen to more, new music, which is great for artists, labels and the entire business.”

Stay tuned, as this will almost certainly be discussed at the April 11 RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas, as Rhapsody Senior Counsel of Legal and Business Affairs David Rosenberg joins us for the “Legal Update” panel.

Read the Billboard.biz coverage here. Also, hat-tip to FMQB, who covers this story here.

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