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RAIN 4/4: Arbitron execs to present highlights from new Infinite Dial study at RAIN Summit West

Posted on: 04/04/2011


In one week RAIN Summit West 2011 takes place in Las Vegas. The Summit will feature three research presentations including a 10-minute round-up of the new Infinite Dial 2011 study from Arbitron and Edison Research. Arbitron’s Paul Krasinski (pictured below left) and Bill Rose will be on hand to deliver the presentation.

RAIN Summit West 2011 will also include Vice President of Digital Media for Bonneville International Mark Preston, Davis Wright Tremaine partner David Oxenford and VP/Manager of Katz 360 West Erik Carlson.

If you’ve been contemplating coming to RAIN Summit West 2011, now is the time to register. Ticket prices are set to go up on Wednesday, April 4. Registration not only provides access to our RAIN Summit but also includes an NAB Exhibit Hall Floor Pass. Find out more here.

The Summit will include a run-through of the new Infinite Dial 2011 research study, presented by Arbitron’s SVP of Digital Media and Analytics Paul Krasinski and SVP of Marketing Bill Rose (pictured right).

The Infinite Dial 2011 study will be presented in-full on April 5 in an (already-full) webinar. An executive summary and presentation will be available for download on the same day from Arbitron’s website. The study will provide an update on the digital music landscape and especially Internet radio, finding that online radio reaches 57 million a week and that 10% of all Americans age 12 and older report weekly listening to Pandora.

Also joining us in Las Vegas on April 11 will be Bonneville International’s VP of Digital Media Mark Preston (pictured left). We’re delighted to have him on board for our mobile Internet radio panel alongside Jacobs Media’s Fred Jacobs and Zackary Lewis of Liquid Compass.

Set to discuss Internet radio advertising on our “Digital Face-Off” panel is VP/Manager of Katz 360 West Erik Carlson. He’ll be joined by WTOP/Bonneville’s Jeffrey Wolinsky and moderator Michael Theodore of the IAB.

And to moderate our panel on Internet radio legal issues, we’re thrilled to welcome back industry legal expert and frequent RAIN source David Oxenford (pictured below left), a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine. He’ll join panelists like David Rosenberg of Rhapsody and others to be announced later this week.

RAIN Summit West 2011 takes place on Monday, April 11 in the Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel during the NAB Show. The Summit will be a jammed-packed day of panels, speakers and research presentations, including a special keynote from CBS Radio president/CEO Dan Mason. More information about the Summit can be found here and you can register right now here. We hope to see you there!


Think of it like a mixtape made for others, using Songza CEO Elias Roman term, in an interview with Eliot Van Buskirk for his Evolver.fm.

Formerly Songza used audio from YouTube and imeem to allow users to create sharable playlists. Since January of last year, according to Roman, the company has operated under the terms of the “non-interactive,” DMCA-compliant webcasting license.

Yet, “(i)nstead of choosing an artist (as with Pandora) or even a song (as in Slacker) to create a station around, users can handpick each and every song that makes it into a station,” explains Van Buskirk. “The company gets away with this, from the perspective of the DMCA and its attendant copyright issues, by allowing only other people to hear the station in that handpicked, mixtape form. When you listen to it yourself, you get a stream with other music mixed in, the way you would with the competition.”

Another interesting feature, the “Find More Music” button, leads the listener to other stations based on their current station, location, and/or “categories:” “‘best of’ lists, pop music, female vocals, one-hit wonders, ‘music for dancing,’ and so on,” explains Van Buskirk. “You start to build up this preset — not of stations, but of categories that you’re interested in, very much like the Netflix experience,” Roman told Van Buskirk, “they’re almost best described as mixtapes.”

Read more on Songza from Eliot Van Buskirk’s Evolver.fm here.

[You can read up on the recent history of Songza in RAIN here, here, and here.]


Radio analyst Mark Ramsey argues in a new blog post that broadcasters could learn a lot from the new Obama re-election website. “The entire goal of [Obama’s] home page is to lock in a relationship,” either through email or Facebook, writes Ramsey.

Meanwhile, most radio station websites are “outrageously cluttered with station and advertiser crap…There is almost no emphasis on building a relationship.” He continues, “Without contact information and the permission to use it, you don’t have a relationship. You only have traffic.” You can read the full blog post here.

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