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RAIN 4/8: RAIN Summit West, industry event of the year, set for Monday in Las Vegas

Posted on: 04/08/2011


Internet radio’s industry event of the year, RAIN Summit West, takes place this Monday, April 11 in Las Vegas. The event features nearly 50 Internet radio and digital music experts, including keynoter CBS Radio president/CEO Dan Mason (pictured right), Wolfgang’s Vault president/COO Eric Johnson, Entercom’s Tim Murphy, TuneIn Radio’s Bill Moore, Livio Radio’s Jake Sigal, AOL Radio’s Thomas Chau and RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson (pictured left).

At RAIN Summit West, Hanson will be delivering the same “State of the Industry Address” that he will also present two days later, on April 13, in Berlin, Germany as a keynote speech at the 4th International Conference Connected Vehicles (more info here). (RAIN readers can catch Hanson at either venue, but those living in the U.S. might save hundreds of dollars by flying to Las Vegas for Monday’s Summit instead (more info here).)

RAIN Summit West’s agenda is a veritable “who’s who” of the Internet radio industry. It includes top webcasters — like Digitally Imported’s Ari Shohat, Soma.fm’s Rusty Hodge, Radio Paradise’s Bill Goldsmith and MOG’s Anu Kirk — and industry experts, like Pandora’s George Lynch, MediaUK.com’s James Cridland and Davis Wright Tremaine partner David Oxenford. It also features seasoned radio experts, from Lee Abrams to John Gehron to Fred Jacobs.

You can find RAIN Summit West’s full itinerary and speaker list right here.

Other great events at the NAB Show in Las Vegas beginning this weekend include the Broadcast Engineering Conference, “The Future of Radio Broadcasting,” on Sunday (9:30am-12:00n), the Chairman’s Breakfast with the FCC’s Julius Genachowski Tuesday morning, the Radio Luncheon on Tuesday (12:30-2:00pm, featuring CNet’s Brian Cooley and legendary DJ Gerry House), “Digital Sales Best Practices” on Tuesday (2:30pm-3:45pm) and “Revenues Road Show” presented by RAB on Wednesday (9:00am-12:00n). You can find out more about the NAB Show here.

Our most recent Summit in Washington D.C. sold out and we had to turn away folks at the door. Don’t let that happen to you!


Don’t miss what’s sure to be our biggest and best RAIN Summit yet. We hope to see you Monday in Las Vegas!


The Media Rating Council (MRC) has accredited the Webcast Metrics product from Triton Digital Media’s Streaming Division (previously known as Ando Media). Other MRC-accredited companies include Google, Microsoft and Nielsen.

The accreditation was awarded after Triton Digital Media’s Webcast Metrics was audited by an independent CPA firm and reviewed by an MRC audit committee. The audit investigated Webcast Metrics’ data collection methodology, metrics, presentation dashboard and reports, according to Triton Digital Media.

We first heard about the MRC accreditation process back in September 2009 (RAIN coverage here). Not long after, Triton Digital Media acquired Ando Media (RAIN coverage here).

Triton Digital Media announced yesterday that — in order to maintain Webcast Metrics’ accreditation — it would transition former Ando Media SVP Rob Favre to the newly-created position of Chief Compliance Officer and General Manager of Data and Analytics.

RAIN readers are probably very familiar with the monthly Webcast Metrics reports Ando Media — now Triton Digital Media’s Streaming Division — has released (the most recent example can be found here).


Clear Channel chairman of media and entertainment platforms Bob Pittman, speaking at Ad Age‘s Digital Conference yesterday, said radio broadcasters “actually have to make the digital revolution come to radio.”

He spoke to radio’s strengths, noting that the medium already has a strong local reach (the “nirvana” for Pittman when he was at AOL). “This allows us to get in front of [the digital revolution], not let it happen to us but let it drive us.”

But he also pointed out that radio’s cost-per-thousand viewers is lower than other media, even though it outranks the Internet in how much time Americans spend with it per day (2.1 hours for radio versus 1.9 for web).

“We have work to do,” said Pittman. Find Ad Age‘s coverage here.


The Spotify Radio puts a retro spin on the futuristic streaming music service. The device pictured at right is essentially a Wi-Fi connected speaker that comes with a Spotify Linux application built-in. The physical “discs” each contain an RFID which tell the “radio” to stream a specific Spotify playlist.

“You get the convenience and huge music library of Spotify, but the physicality and hand-crafted playlists come from the days of CDs, vinyl and cassette tapes,” writes Wired.

Alas, this device is still only a concept. But Wired assures us the designer is in talks with Spotify, so it may yet see the light of day. More coverage — including a video walk-through — here.

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