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RAIN 4/13: Vegas RAIN Summit a smashing success

Posted on: 04/13/2011


This year’s RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas, which took place this past Monday, April 11, was most definitely our biggest and best gathering yet. The content presented and discussed — which we’ll report on over the coming days — was thought-provoking, educational and entertaining. To cap it all off, the evening’s RAIN Reader Cocktail Party (poolside at the Renaissance Hotel, pictured right) was especially memorable.

We’d like extend many thanks to the Summit’s sponsors, including our platinum sponsor Triton Digital. Thanks also to gold sponsors Liquid Compass, knowDigital, TargetSpot, CasterStats and of course our other sponsors. RAIN would also like to thank the nearly 50 presenters, panelists and moderators (find the full list here). And finally, thank you so much to the hundreds of people who packed the Renaissance Hotel’s ballroom throughout the day (see the photo below). The Summit simply would not have been possible without all the support from our sponsors, speakers and guests — thank you!

There’s already been much coverage of our keynote speaker CBS Radio president Dan Mason‘s special “fireside chat” with RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson. Mason (pictured below left) pointed out how five years ago CBS Radio wasn’t even streaming. Now their stations stream alongside offerings from AOL Radio, Yahoo and Last.fm under the Radio.com umbrella.

“I have a much clearer understanding where broadcast radio fits” with online radio, Mason said. He doesn’t worry about Pandora or Internet streams replacing broadcast radio — with the additional sources “you get much more media usage” than before. Mason did note that his biggest frustration is re-educating and “bringing along our own people.” Personally, he streams multiple stations — including Last.fm — every morning.

Finally, Mason revealed that CBS would relaunch MP3.com next month.

We’ll have much more coverage of all of RAIN Summit West 2011 in the days ahead, so stay tuned.


Media analyst BIA/Kelsey last week released a report predicting a 14.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for online/digital radio revenue for the next five years. Now, eMarketer projects that “this year, U.S. advertisers will spend $800 million on Internet radio, an increase of 27.4% over 2010. By 2015, eMarketer predicts spending will double to $1.6 billion.”

According to this year’s first edition of BIA/Kelsey’s quarterly “Investing In Radio Market Report,” online/digital revenues “provided $405 million to the industry in 2010 and are expected to rise from $494 million this year to $783 million by 2015.”

It’s not immediately clear why eMarketer’s projections for online spending are significantly higher than BIA/Kelsey’s, a fact which the former acknowledges in its press release. While eMarketer “benchmarks its radio ad spending figures against data from the Radio Advertising Bureau,” it’s possible that the company’s projections, in fact, include ad revenue for providers outside the “broadcast” segment (i.e. “Internet only” radio). BIA/Kelsey’s projections, on the other hand, refer solely to U.S. broadcasters.

Both companies’ studies looked at overall radio revenue and published predictions which include over-the-air radio income as well.

Read BIA/Kelsey’s press release for its first quarter “Investing In Radio Market Report” here. The chart included in this story is from eMarketer’s press release, which is here.


Livio Radio has launched an app for Android devices, meant for use in cars. Livio earlier released the app for iPhones and other Apple iOS devices (RAIN coverage here). The app accesses 45,000 radio streams and includes a UI that’s meant to be easy to use in the car, alongside also features like a sleep timer. Find out more from Livio Radio here.


Streaming platform provider Liquid Compass has partnered with ad serving service Adswizz and ad sales company AdLarge. The three companies will work to provide a service that features “seamless integration” of ad servicing and sales into Liquid Compass’ streaming delivery platform. AllAccess has more coverage here.

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