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Copyright deal vital to opening EU markets to creative content

Posted on: 01/24/2008

From Cnet: The European Union has begun to harmonize the copyright laws of its member countries related to creative content online. While the United States will still own the hardware underpinning the Internet, the Europeans, if successful, will determine how we use it.

The EU’s stated objective is to craft a copyright law that supports innovative business models and facilitates the broadcast and delivery of diverse online creative content across borders. Currently, that’s quite an involved process. If multimedia companies like RealNetworks or eMusic plan a launch in Europe, they will have to comply with the laws of each member country.

But times are changing. The European Union realizes that compliance with 27 different copyright laws and licensing regimes is a significant barrier to entry for companies and a detriment to its citizens.

The EU’s new position is that a simplified copyright compliance process is the necessary prelude to the creation of a vibrant digital economy. The European Parliament plans to consider the recommendations for a harmonized copyright system by the middle of this year… The removal of barriers companies face complying with copyright laws spread across multiple jurisdictions is unique to the European Union’s common economic policy. But the remaining objectives also apply to the challenges new media companies, copyright owners, and consumers face globally…

Just 10 years ago, teenagers relied on local radio and school friends to discover music. Nowadays, their music discovery choices are endless and their friends may be next door or around the world. Teenagers can easily buy or listen to music over the Internet. But the current copyright labyrinth that providers must navigate to offer the music legally perversely facilitates the illegal and unauthorized distribution and performance of music.

Read the entire story from Cnet.

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