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Rosin: National programming brands would ensure HD has top-notch content

Posted on: 01/29/2008

From Larry Rosin in “The Infinite Dial” blog: “I Want My MTV.” Probably no message could have been more powerful in the adoption of cable television…

What can the radio industry do to get people to “want their HD?”..

I want to make sure that the industry focuses primarily on the most important aspect of all: The Programming

The first wave of HD Radio marketing almost went out of its way to avoid telling consumers what the programming might be… The second wave of advertising, with spots that listed myriad format choices, at least began to discuss the programming, but they were deceptive at best. Listing formats that are available somewhere but not necessarily available to the person hearing the commercial runs the risk that someone goes and gets an HD Radio looking for the Alternative Rock channel those spots talk about, or the reggae channel or whatever.

All this speaks to an essential problem – the HD Radio spots are produced nationally, but are run locally. So they haven’t pushed the local programming that is available…

But if there is no Alternative station in your market, what would be more compelling?compelling? A no-DJ Alternative jukebox? Or KROQ in Los Angeles? Yes, with the traffic updates, Lakers scores, and everything else. My instincts say: KROQ in a landslide.

I have listened to WKTU-New York’s HD-2 Channel… Of course I like the music, but there is no other reason to listen to this station. There is no production, no spark, no nuthin’ at all. Wouldn’t I be vastly more entertained if Clear Channel just put on WSIX? Great talent, great production – everything we think radio is all about – even if there were information about Nashville…

Here are more reasons we should consider nationalizing HD Radio:

  • For HD to achieve the goal of bringing 12-24s back to the radio, we need an incredible 12-24 station. Everyone tells me there’s tons of national 12-24 business and no local business. So why not create a mechanism to go after that business?..
  • Nationalizing HD would allow us to self-syndicate many of our best programs…
  • To work with national brands to build instant credibility, e.g. having House of Blues create a blues channel, or Ben & Jerry’s create a Triple A… Wouldn’t a national platform of HD stations actually get advertisers excited and perhaps involved?..
  • Even the ‘niche-iest’ ideas would be more successful on a national platform than locally. We have long felt that if someone were to try to serve the Caribbean community in New York City, they would help sell a lot of radios. But it would still be more feasible on a nationwide basis.

I believe in HD Radio and have been trying throughout its history to offer constructive ideas to make it work… I ask our industry to continue to remember the programming. We need positive plans to create great programming that will get people to demand their HD.

Read the entire story at The Infinite Dial.

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  1. Take a listen to our 24-7 highly produced and mostly live bluegrass station and tell me what you think. Real hosts. Real production. Real local and national content!

    Richard Cassidy · Jan 29, 07:36 AM · #

  2. Really desparate here, huh? When does the magic fairies (Sam Zell and Randy Michaels) come rescue princess HD from lack of interest?

    vod · Jan 29, 09:10 AM · #

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