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Pandora, CBS highlight "flat" Net radio in December

Posted on: 02/06/2008

Pandora and AOL Radio came out of December with the best audience-growth stories to tell among Internet-only outlets, according to a new JP Morgan report. Among broadcasters, it was CBS Radio that bucked a generally “flat” month overall in online traffic the last month of 2007.

Oakland-based Pandora brought nearly 4 million unique visitors to its site in December, according to JP Morgan’s “Radio Broadcasting : Internet Radio Scorecard December 2007.” December was Pandora’s sixth “up” month in a row. AOL Radio, which ratcheted up its unique visitors 23% in November, grew 10% more in December, pulling to 3.7 million uniques (its highest since the previous December).

Yahoo! Music — the topic of much discussion lately following the Yahoo! announcement of lay-offs and a Microsoft takeover bid for the search giant — dipped almost 4%. It remains far atop the unique audience among Internet-only webcasters, however, with well over 20 million uniques in December. JP Morgan ranks what it calls “Windowsmedia.com Music“ second with just over 4 million unique visitors, followed by AOL Radio, Pandora, and Live365 (just over 1 million uniques).

[Our own AccuRadio, according to the report, was not measured in December.]

Interestingly, CBS-owned Last.fm is ranked among terrestrial radio operators’ sites, though the Last.fm radio service is Internet-only. And while the unique visitors tally to CBS Radio websites reached an all time high of 4.1 million in December, JP Morgan reported Last.fm’s traffic falling over 24% November to December, to just 1.5 million. [In January Last.fm announced it had made deals with all of the major record labels, and hundreds of independent labels, to allow ad-supported on-demand music streaming.]

Among the top broadcasters, CBS Radio’s 19.4% December surge (and that of Citadel, which showed 11.9% growth in December, and Cox, up 17%) contrasts with traffic drops for Clear Channel, NPR and member stations, and Entercom. Clear Channel’s 11.357 million unique visitors in December keeps it far and away the tops among all radio for online audience (CCU gets over 18% of total traffic to all of Internet radio).

Unique visitor traffic to measured Internet radio sites overall was flat at 62.5 million compared to November [see top chart]. That’s still ahead of the 60-62 million range at which the industry “stagnated” the 18 months prior to the record-setting October 2007.

Year-to-year, Internet radio traffic is up overall 3% over 2006. Traffic to Internet-only radio fell 13% when compared to 2006, with broadcasters’ traffic growing 37%. As it stands, terrestrial broadcasters get about 43% of the overall Internet radio traffic, Internet radio “pure plays” get 57% [see chart above right for trend].

The JP Morgan Internet Radio Scorecard for December is online (in .pdf format) here.

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  1. Paul – the link doesn’t seem to work (to get pdf). Can you possibly confirm?


    David Porter · Feb 6, 03:06 PM · #

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