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SPIN partners with MySpace on first digital issue

Posted on: 02/08/2008

From MediaPost’s MediaDailyNews: Spin magazine has struck deals with MySpace and iTunes to promote its first digital issue, making music and information available to members of MySpace Music

The digital version hews close to the print magazine itself, unlike Spin.com, where the magazine’s editorial staff posts breaking news and updates. Spin Digital includes links that take readers to musician profiles on MySpace as well as the iTunes Store, where they’re able to buy songs mentioned in the magazine.

The digital edition also includes audio samples, video footage, and interactive ads that can, for example, take them to a company’s official Web site…

In some ways, Spin’s online strategy resembles the unusual tack adopted last Fall by Paste, a youth culture magazine that covers music, books and movies. In October, the magazine invited new and returning subscribers to sign up for a year’s worth of magazines by paying whatever they liked, with a minimum fee of $1.00. By effectively making the magazine available for free, Paste’s publishers hoped to create buzz and build the subscription base.

Read the full article here.

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