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PC Mag rounds up top 12 customizable streamers

Posted on: 02/15/2008

From PC Magazine online: To all the oldsters who say that kids these days are spoiled for refusing to pay for music, I say “bah!” Free, legal music has existed forever—or at least since the invention of the radio—and you folks had good radio stations and programs to listen to, back in the pre-Clear Channel era.

These days, a good radio station is hard to come by and CDs are $20 a pop. So, what’s a music lover to do? Turn to the Internet, of course, where you can find music-streaming services that are not only free and legal (like all radio) but customizable

These sites are a perfect match for a certain type of music listener: the kind who wants a little more control than typical Web radio affords, but who also wants to listen to new music that might not be in his or her iTunes folder…

Even better, they’re all free, and you won’t get sued for using any of them. So what are you waiting for?

Start by typing in an artist’s name, and Jango will spit out a streaming “station” based on that artist. Fine-tune the station by adding more bands, rating songs, and so on. Jango also has a social-networking component built in, akin to Last.fm’s—you can send messages to other users, find other stations you might like (Jango will point you to them), and add or make friends.

TheSixtyOne is heavily focused on undiscovered artists and songs, and it asks a bit more of the user than just passively listening. When you hear a song you like, you “bump” it (give it a favorable rating) to move it up the list… The good songs float to the top, and when you bump songs that go on to become popular, your bumping power increases…

Click here to view a slideshow of all 12 of the recommended services from PC Magazine online.

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