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Posted on: 02/20/2008

TERRESTRIAL RADIO LISTENING DOWN 3% IN PAST YEAR. Arbitron’s recently-updated “American Radio Listening Trends” report, now with Fall 2007 data, shows a 3% decline in U.S. per capita radio listening over the past year — and a 16% decline over the past nine years. (The nine-year trend includes a 25% decline among teens, but the downtrend is not just among young people: The nine-year trends also show a 19% decline in P18-34s, a 12% decline in P35-64s, and even a 12% decline in P65+.) Interestingly, as we have remarked in RAIN before, despite the introduction of satellite radio, in-car listening is stable to slightly up for the nine-year period, whereas at-work and in-home listening are both down (26% and 24% respectively). See Arbitron’s full data set here. (Click through to “Full story” below for larger illustration.)

HANSON TO SPEAK AT SANFRAN MUSIC TECH SUMMIT ON MONDAY. According to organizer Brian Zisk, next Monday’s event at San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki “will bring together digital thought leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as from all around the country to the region which currently leads the way in innovating (both socially, and technologically) new ways of interacting with both music, and musicians.” Speakers and panelists include represenatives from Yahoo, YouTube, MusicIP, Pandora, Rhapsody, SomaFM, iLike, KFOG, and Radio Paradise, plus RAIN’s Kurt Hanson, who will give a 15-minute featured presentation on “The Future of Radio.” Details here.

HD2 RADIO STATION OF THE DAY: “Q104 New York Deep Tracks” is playing great AOR cuts like Steely Dan’s “Brooklyn” and Thunderclap Newman’s “Something in the Air.”
And it’s offered via a very nice media player, inside of which you can switch around between Clear Channel’s five NYC HD2 stations — the other four being “New York Power Latino,” “New York Classic Lite,” “Z100 New York New Music,” and “New York Country.” Listen online here.

BUT ARE CLEAR CHANNEL’S HD2 CHANNELS STREAMING ILLEGALLY? Interestingly, as I look at the media player noted above, which seems to be used for all of Clear Channel’s HD2 streams, it seems that Clear Channel’s streaming is illegal under the DMCA, which requires that a media player identify the title, album, and artist for the song being played. (See the United States Code section on “Copyright,” section 114(d )(2), subparagraph C (ix).) (Corrected thanks to reader feedback, below)

INDIA’S LARGEST GSM CARRIER LAUNCHES RADIO PRODUCT: “This technology, designed and optimized for mobile operations, enables Idea’s subscribers to seamlessly tune into a range of exciting entertainment channels, 24 hours a day, without the need to carry a separate device, or to be within the limited range of FM radio stations.” Read the press release here.

ARBITRON HIRES NEW TECH CHIEF: Taymoor Arshi joins Arbitron as Senior Vice President/Chief Technology Officer. Arshi takes over for Ron Kolessar, who is retiring this Summer after spending 42 years with Arbitron and its predecessor companies. Arshi will help the company bridge the gap between new technology and the media, marketing, and research industries. Details here.

RAIN READER COMMMENTS:CONSUMERS DON’T NEED TO ‘INTERACTWHEN LISTENING.“ Regarding Kurt’s position on RAB chief Jeff Haley’s keynote speech in Atlanta last week (here), consultant Dave Martin writes, “Kurt — Agree with your take. Further, our research has indicated people are, in the majority of cases, satisfied simply listening to a stream of choice and when offered the ability to ‘interact’ most often elect to pass. This seems to suggest online listening is just that –- listening.” In other words, you may feel to offer your listeners a chat room or message boards… but most of them will find no real value to that.

HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS NEW FORMAT FOR RAIN? This one-paragraph-per-story approach may be a one-day experiment (“RAIN Total Information 20/20 News!”); on the other hand, you might like it! Let us know by clicking the link below and adding your comments — either about the content of today’s stories or about the presentation format.

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  1. I really LOVE the new format – WAY TO GO!!!

    Jeffrey Bottoms · Feb 20, 04:21 AM · #

  2. I also like the new format, though I would like to suggest a couple visibility issues.

    On the front page, in your summary format, I was initially unaware that I was reading a list of headlines and summaries. At first glance, it looks like a regular RAIN story. I would suggest breaking after the headline, and ditching the photos in that section (on the inital page). That way, the headlines and summaries read like headlines and summaries in a clear, concise list; making them different from other RAIN stories on the front page.

    Other than that, I like the fact that I can scan all the days news summaries in one location, without having to scroll all the way down the page.

    David · Feb 20, 06:25 AM · #

  3. I like the new format. Makes it easy to see all the day’s stories at once.

    The site change of a couple of months ago isn’t so fantastic. There’s no such thing as reading yesteray’s edition – some stories stay, some go, it seems. And the super-wide layout is awful. The large areas of blank space aren’t such a great design, either.

    Ted Squeamish · Feb 20, 07:26 AM · #

  4. Dear staff: Please double check the section ref re the DMCA comments. I need to check this and cannot find the referenced section in the actual DMCA at your ref to Sec. 114, etc.—DMCA address below:


    Brooke Anthony · Feb 20, 07:46 AM · #

  5. Brooke -- I was slightly wrong in my characterization of the numbering; I should have said that Section 405 of the DMCA, as shown in the document you cite above, actually modifies Section 114 of Title 17 of the United States Code, to wit:

    STATUTORY LICENSING OF CERTAIN TRANSMISSIONS — The performance of a sound recording publicly by means of a subscription digital audio transmission not exempt under paragraph (1), an eligible nonsubscription transmission, or a transmission not exempt under paragraph (1) that is made by a preexisting satellite digital audio radio service shall be subject to statutory licensing, in accordance with subsection (f) if—

    [among other things]

    (ix) the transmitting entity identifies in textual data the sound recording during, but not before, the time it is performed, including the title of the sound recording, the title of the phonorecord embodying such sound recording, if any, and the featured recording artist, in a manner to permit it to be displayed to the transmission recipient by the device or technology intended for receiving the service provided by the transmitting entity, except that the obligation in this clause shall not take effect until 1 year after the date of the enactment of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and shall not apply in the case of a retransmission of a broadcast transmission by a transmitting entity that does not have the right or ability to control the programming of the broadcast transmission, or in the case in which devices or technology intended for receiving the service provided by the transmitting entity that have the capability to display such textual data are not common in the marketplace.’

    Incidentally, I suppose the Clear Channel HD streaming division could argue that they don’t have the “right or ability to control the programming” of the local HD2 stations, but I think that would be a tough row to hoe. I’ll bet the courts would conclude that the actual “transmitting entity” was Clear Channel and not a division thereof.

    Here's the final version of the U.S. Code, as amended per the DMCA: http://law.justia.com/us/codes/title17/17usc114.html

    Kurt Hanson · Feb 20, 09:22 AM · #

  6. I’m working with a for profit college (McNally Smith College of Music in St Paul, MN) wishing to begin an internet only radio station. Where can I get the up to date music licensing fees.

    Info I glean from the internet has old rates that are supposed to be appealed. I’m hoping there is something more up to date or that I can track.


    Phil Nusbaum

    Phil Nusbaum · Feb 22, 03:04 AM · #

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