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Why make them wait? Analysts advise stream launch etiquette

Posted on: 10/25/2007

From Edison Media Research’s Infinite Dial blog: "A few days ago we commented on this site about the first Jack-FM in the UK, and how its stream comes up immediately when one launches the site. [Alas, the Jack stream won’t work for Americans — the stream is blocked from American IP addresses].

"This has led to a lively discussion among many of our radio friends why do we support this practice?

"First let me discuss the most common reasons I hear about why it should not be done:

"1. People tell us they get annoyed when unasked-for audio pops up on a web site: This may be true in certain situations… But our research has shown that by far the biggest reason people go to a radio station is to listen to your station. Why are we making that act any more difficult on the Internet than it is on a radio? It seems hard to believe that many people who venture to your site would be surprised or angered by hearing audio…

"2. It is expensive: Fair enough. You have to pay to serve each of those streams. But otherwise you are sacrificing potential listenership? Which is more ‘expensive’ in the long run?

"3. Your stream should not be served unless people sign up for your ‘frequent listener club’: …The stream should be one thing, the benefits of joining a ‘VIP Club’ another. I should not have to give you my social security number or have to submit other information for the privelege of listening to the stream. The stream should be perceived as no different from the over-the-air signal. Isn’t the goal of radio to get people to listen to it?"

Read the entire post at the Infinite Dial blog.

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