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Posted on: 04/01/2008

CBS TO FURTHER INTEGRATE STREAMS WITH LAST.FM Here’s one we were waiting for… CBS has announced that it will further integrate the online streams of its flagship broadcast stations with its streaming and on-demand music property, Last.fm. The company is readying a new online player which will give integrated access to CBS Radio streams and Last.fm free, on-demand individual song plays and streams. CBS announced early last month (in RAIN here) a streaming agreement with AOL, giving AOL Radio listeners access to CBS broadcast and Internet stations through the new player. Last.fm has also recently partnered with the BBC to integrate BBC digital radio stations. According to the CBS announcement, “a staggered rollout of CBS Radio’s streams to Last.fm is currently underway and includes all genres, including rock, pop, country, news, talk and sports stations, among others. The full online version of the stations will be streamed, providing Web-based advertisers additional exposure to Last.fm’s growing U.S. audience.”

BOOK TODAY FOR THERAIN LAS VEGAS SUMMIT!” Have you seen the growing list of expert speakers we’ve announced for the “RAIN Las Vegas Summit?” We hope you’re making plans to join us! Last year’s RAIN Summit registration was $120 in advance, $150 at the door, but once again we’re making 30 complimentary registrations are available TODAY, furnished by RAIN Summit sponsor Ando Media — just be one of the first 20 people to write us today at summit@kurthanson.com.

GLOBAL CONSOLIDATES TO STAND UP TO BBC Calling it “a new commercial radio powerhouse to take on the BBC,” the Guardian UK reports broadcaster GCap acceted £375m (about U.S. $750 million) from rival Global to buy the broadcaster. As in the U.S., it’s not easy sledding for radio in the UK these days. The economy is slowing, and the Internet is taking an increasingly large bite out of ad sales. Industry “real terms” revenue dropped 1.4% in 2007, a trend going back at least two years. Unlike the U.S., UK commercial broadcasters have the BBC to contend with. GCap is the company that had announced it would shutter its digital radio stations, seeing more of an upside in online. After the acquisition, Global will now have, just in London, stations Capital Radio, Heart, LBC, LBC News, Classic FM, Gold, Choice FM and Xfm.

BUY THE COW, SELL THE MILK Publishers who are looking for a competitive advantage online but hesitate about giving up control of their ad campaigns may have found an answer: just buy a tech company. Conde Nast took that route, and starting next week the Dillard’s website will be employing the guts of the Reddit social news site that the company acquired back in 2006. A report in the Wall Street Journal notes that moves like these are expanding the online role of publishers. “Instead of simply selling marketers ad space, they’re rolling up their sleeves and designing the promotions as well.” Broadcasters might find success with a similar strategy: acquiring agile tech capabilities that would allow them to tailor-make campaigns for advertisers while controlling the design and functionality from their own end.

CDN, WEB MANAGEMENT FIRMS ENTER CO-MARKETING DEAL MediaSpan and StreamAudio have forged an exclusive co-marketing deal to combine forces to market and sell their collective services. The companies will cooperatively market and provide StreamAudio’s audio streaming along with MediaSpan’s web design, content management, network ad sales and online loyalty services. StreamAudio has over 500 client radio stations including Cox, Cumulus, Simmons, Morris, and Zimmer stations. MediaSpan’s digital content management and online marketing solutions clients include Reuters, ABC Radio, Citadel, Sun Media, Gannett, Radio One, Sandusky, South Central Radio, Scripps and Media General.

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