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Posted on: 04/03/2008

PANDORA CEO, CTO TO KEYNOTE RAIN SUMMIT: This year at the RAIN Las Vegas Summit, we’re pleased to announce that Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy and CTO Tom Conrad will be presenting a keynote speech on the topic of “Unleashing Internet Radio from the PC.” See Kurt’s blog today for more!

RADIO’S PLAN: ALL MOBILE DEVICES SHOULD HAVE A RADIO TUNER: At yesterday’s Kagan Radio/TV Summit in NYC, Emmis chief Jeff Smulyan described radio’s “Plan to Fight Back” — to make consumers and Wall Street aware of how vital radio is. One interesting facet: Smulyan says the radio industry wants radio available on “every mobile phone, PDA, and MP3 player with 5 years,” reports Radio-Info. Radio “isn’t hiding from technology, we’re driving it,” he said.

RAIN ANALYSIS: MOBILE DEVICES MAY NOT GET RADIO VIA AM/FM: As Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak pointed out at the Radio Ink Convergence ’08 conference three weeks ago, devices like the iPhone already come with three separateradiosystems (including antenna and local oscillator) built in now — e.g., Bluetooth, WiFi, and EDGE. Since consumers will be able to get radio via the WiFi and EDGE connectivity (as long as the stations are available on the web), will they see value in adding a fourth “radio” system into the device for FM, which will take up space and power and add to cost? (Certainly, AM stations will have an easier time getting onto a mobile device via the web than by getting manufacturers to build an AM radio into the device!) We’ll discuss this topic more, of course, at the RAIN Las Vegas Summit. — KH

Universal Music, and Sony/BMG are forming a pact with MySpace and creating the MySpace Music service, which will offer on-demand streaming music services, downloads, videos, and merchandise and concert ticket sales. The remaining major label group, EMI, is still talking with MySpace. Business Week reports (here) the deal isn’t exclusive, and a similar arrangement with Facebook may be in the works.

IAN ROGERS LEAVES YAHOO! MUSIC: Yahoo! Music Vice President Ian Rogers has reportedly resigned to become CEO of music startup company Topspin Media. Rogers came to Yahoo! from Nullsoft/SHOUTcast, replacing Dave Goldberg as the head of (at the time) the industry’s most-listened-to webcaster. Read more from TechCrunch here.

ATTORNEY WARNSLABELS WANT A THIRD OF RADIO’S REVENUE’: Broadcast attorney David Oxenford warned radio that labels are aiming for as much as one-fourth to one-third of radio’s gross revenues in royalties. Speaking at the Kagan Summit, Oxenford advised radio to be prepared for a drawn-out struggle with the music industry, and with label friend Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA), who chairs the Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property and sees establishing a broadcast royalty as his “legacy.”

TOASTED RAV ON THE MENU IN ST. LOUIS: Bonneville is pooling their new media resources in the St. Louis market to deliver a treat to local listeners: ToastedRav.com. The site, which was built by the broadcaster’s web team will be stocked with blogs, originally produced audio and video, and audio streams from the group’s three area FM stations. Bonneville is betting that combining the stations’ audiences in a centralized online location could strengthen the group’s presence in the area. The group is pouring $350,000 into the ToastedRav.com project. (By the way, toasted ravioli is a local St. Louis favorite dish!)

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