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Posted on: 04/16/2008

COMING IN RAIN: LAS VEGAS SUMMIT RECAPS: Over the next week or so in RAIN, we’ll feature brief recaps of the panels, speeches, and presentations we think made this year’s Las Vegas Summit the best and most productive yet. We’ll begin tomorrow with recaps of the “CDN Showdown” panel and Jeff Vidler’s presentation of the “Radio Next” study…

FLYTUNES PUTS ACCURADIO ON THE iPHONE: Through a partnership with mobile tech company FlyTunes, AccuRadio is now the first massively multichannel brand of Internet radio with all of its streams available via the popular Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. All 320+ of AccuRadio’s music channels are now available on both of those popular Apple devices, working smoothly on a WiFi network and reasonably on AT&T’s EDGE network. “The move to the mobile Internet has been a big question in the broadcasting industry in the past few years,” said FlyTunes CEO Sam Abadir. “(This partnership) proves that mobile Internet radio is now ready for prime time.” The deal was announced at Monday’s RAIN Las Vegas Summit. To give it a test drive, simply go to www.accuradio.com in Safari on any iPhone or iPod Touch.

REHR DEBUTSRADIO HEARD HEREBRANDING CAMPAIGN: “Radio Heard Here” is the new awareness initiative from the National Association of Broadcasters and the HD Digital Radio Alliance — launced at the NAB conference on Monday — designed to convince consumers that radio remains relevant. NAB CEO David Rehr told an audience at the NAB that radio has always offered a “connection” to listeners. “Technology hasn’t changed that,” Rehr said. “It has just changed the devices of delivery.” Part of the campaign, the website RadioHeardHere.com, features a scan of the visitor’s local radio “dial” which shows local radio station logos and dial positions, and includes a play button which launches the Internet stream of the selected station (via technology from RadioTime).

REACTION TO REHR: Conde Nast’s Portfolio (here) points out that the campaign also includes print ads, billboards, Internet videos, but for the moment… no radio! Mark Ramsey, in his Hear 2.0, writes, “You don’t need to ‘remind’ listeners of anything. Nobody wants to be ‘reminded’ of stuff they already take for granted. They want to hear about what’s new. And that, my friends, is radio’s true challenge.” And of course, Kurt has a few thoughts on the subject in his blog (here).

NY’S WNEW IS BACK, ONLINE AND ON HD: CBS Radio has resurrected the legendary New York rock station (WNEW-FM became a rock station in 1967 and switched to Talk in 1999; CBS uses the 102.7 FM signal in New York for its adult contemporary “Fresh” format). The new station launched Monday. Norm Winer, longtime PD of CBS’s Triple-A WXRT-FM/Chicago is programming the station’s mix of classic ’60s and ’70s music and current rock songs. (The New York Times reports “historic concerts and interviews from its archives” will also be part of the programming.) No jocks, but CBS says listeners will be able to contribute through wnew.com and Last.fm.

STUDY SAYS 6 IN 10 WANT FCC TO POLICE NET RADIO FOR BAD WORDS: An American Media Services Radio Index survey found that 61% of American adults say they would want at least “some” government regulation of Internet radio content with the intent of filtering obscene or profane language. We have not found any legal commentary, however, as to whether it’s actually in the FCC’s mandate to regulate Internet speech. Isn’t it true that the “scarce” nature of the airwaves is why they’re owned by the American people, and thus subject to regulation? If so, this reasoning wouldn’t apply to the Internet.

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    I wonder if the authors of the study notified the respondents that they also had the option of turning off their computers or mobile devices, or perhaps even finding another radio stream to listen to, if they found the current stream offensive.

    We may live in a connected world, but there is no law against NOT listening to something that offends you…but then I suppose it’s easier to have Big Brother do everything for you rather than hassle yourself with switching streams or simply hitting the power switch.

    What is this country coming to?

    David · Apr 17, 06:24 AM · #

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