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RAIN 5/19: comScore says iMeem not even close to top streamer

Posted on: 05/19/2008

COMSCORE STREAMING RANKER JARRINGLY CONTRADICTS COMPETE: Several music streaming companies disagree with a recent Compete.com ranking based on unique site visitors (see story and chart in RAIN here), because comScore Media Metrics measurements of the same time period paint a vastly different picture. The Compete.com report for March 2008 showed social network/music service iMeem topping Yahoo! Music with nearly 10.3 million unique visitors, and well outpacing AOL Music, MySpace Music, Pandora and Last.fm. But comScore not only puts AOL Music at the top, it credits the service with more than twice the unique visitors (nearly 22 million) Compete measured for iMeem, which is almost five times the audience AOL itself was credited by Compete (4.6 million). ComScore measured iMeem’s audience at 5.2 million, ranking it just eleventh in the field. Keep in mind that this ranking is unique site visitors; it’s not a measurement of actual listening. Also note that few of these services are Internet radio (as it was in the Compete.com ranking). Most of these properties stream on-demand songs and playlists. The chart image is from Digital Music News (here), which reported on the story.

RADIO USAGE HIGHEST AMONGTECHIES: Scarborough Research recently released a study (here) on society’s “digital saviness.” Among their finds, which include marking Austin as America’s most tech savvy city, Scarborough found that digitally savvy consumers are more likely to use radio both in its traditional and online forms. 1/3 “tech savvy” users listened to internet radio in the past month. The study also found that 59% of the “Digital Savvy” use their mobile phones for email usage and are “25 percent more likely to be ‘Independent’ voters.” Read more here

CRTC SETS DATE FOR DISCUSSION ON “HANDS OFFPOLICY: The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced on Thursday that they plan to reexamine regulating Canadian online content. The CRTC has declared such intentions in the past (RAIN coverage here) but Thursday set a date for the discussions: early 2009. Since 1999, the CRTC has maintained a “hands-off” approach to Canadian online content, but aims to reexamine this position based on fast-paced developments in online media and the low-cost of technology. Before changing their position however, “the public hearing aims to achieve a better understanding of new media.” The deadline to file comments is July 11. Read the full story here.

LITTLE BEAN BAG CONTAINS BIG FEATURES: The Chumby has caught The New York Time’s David Pogue’s attention, if not for its “endearing” name then for its impressive range of capabilities. The squishy, bed-side table device delivers internet radio and podcasts from “hundreds of ready-to-play Internet stations (via Shoutcast and other station collections),” as well as any manually added internet radio stations. Additionally, it displays a whole host of widgets from the weather, to Netflix rentals, to alarm clocks (with internet radio capability), to email, to even more at the Chumby website. At $180, the Chumby is one of the cheapest and easiest-to-use options to tune in to internet radio. Read the full New York Times article here.

CNET NO STRANGER TO RADIO: In the wake of CBS’s $1.8 billion acquisition of CNet, Tom Taylor at Radio-Info reminds us that CNet once programmed radio. “CNet Radio” ran in the San Francisco Bay area on KNEW 910 AM and Boston (on 890 AM, which is now ESPN Radio) for nearly two years. It’s expected that CBS will use the CNet as a tech content resource for its television and radio news.

CELLECAST, FONESHOW SERVICES PHONE IN RADIOLITERALLY: Brining radio to yet another media, CelleCast and Foneshow send on-demand radio content to your mobile phone in the form of a phone call. Unlike mobile internet radio which uses your cellular plan’s data services, CelleCast and Foneshow instead uses your wireless minutes. Featuring podcast-like (non-streaming) programs on news (CNN News Update), talk (The John and Ken Show), sports (Chicago Cubs Podcast), and comedy (Onion Radio News), both services deliver content for free. CelleCast also offers paid plans which provides voicemail delivery and SMS text notification of new shows. Foneshow lets registered users create and publish their own programs as well. Though many programs haven’t been updated in months, its a great way to avoid those high data use charges on your cell bill.

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