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RAIN 6/6: Last.fm to syndicate content to CBS, Billboard, WordPress, more

Posted on: 06/06/2008

LAST.FM TO SYNDICATE SERVICES TO CBS TV, OTHER BIG-NAME WEBSITES: CBS-owned Last.fm will be syndicating its stations to CBS’ television stations and affiliates as well as other music and social network sites like Billboard.com, iGoogle, Meebo, Photobucket, and WordPress.com. Last.fm co-founder Martin Stiksel hopes this move will draw in users previously outside of last.fm’s reach. Eliot Van Buskirk sees two conclusions from this move in his “Listening Post” blog (here): that it’s easier and cheaper for websites and companies to outsource personalized radio services rather than build their own, and that webcasters should and need to team with other websites and established media companies in order to survive. Van Buskirk also reports (here) that last.fm has partnered with promotional concert company Bowery Presents to put together concerts in New York City. Using last.fm’s audio scrobbling, the companies can “check for potential demand for a show before putting [a band] on,” an interesting use of the in-depth statistics available to the site.

IN 10 YEARS, BALLMER SAYS, MEDIA WILL EXIST SOLELY ONLINE: In a Washington Post interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicts, “There will be no media consumption left in 10 years that is not delivered over an IP network. There will be no newspapers, no magazines that are delivered in paper form. Everything gets delivered in an electronic form.” Ballmer thinks the media, communications and advertising are “going to be turned upside down” in that they’ll be far more interactive than today, and there will be far more producers of content as well. Read excerpts from the interview (and see video too) here.

TEENS NOW FAVOR NEW TECH FOR MUSIC OVER RADIO, SAYS COLEMAN: Coleman Insights has released a study (PDF file here) revealing that teenagers now listen to music on a computer, iPod or MP3 player more than terrestrial radio. 84% claimed they listened to music every day using the former mediums, while 78% of 14- to 17-year-olds reported listening to AM/FM radio everyday. Additionally, 41% of 15- to 17-year-olds said they listen to new music first on iPods or other MP3 players compared to only 22% for FM radio “The fact that kids are using alternatives to radio obviously isn’t news to anyone, but this is the first time in all our studies that we’ve seen the numbers support new technologies over radio,” said Coleman Insights president Jon Coleman.

DIGITAL INNOVATIONHELPING SMALL AND MID-SIZED RADIO MARKETS SAYS BIA: BIA Financial Network recently projected (here) that expansion of terrestrial radio into new technology will spur small and mid-sized radio markets into faster growth than larger markets. Said Mark R. Fratrik, Vice President of BIA Financial Network, “Listeners are also beginning to respond favorably to the digital innovations their favorite stations are making through multicasting and live audio streaming, enhanced websites, and HD Radio.” According to BIA, this — in addition to local advertising and differences in competition — will help smaller stations “reach revenue levels equivalent to 2007 by 2011.” For more on BIA’s study read FMQB’s coverage here.

DENON DOCK ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE: Denon’s S-52 shelf system streams internet radio and music from a PC with Wi-Fi connectivity. Also included is satellite radio compatibility, an iPod dock, and a rarely seen CD player. Even with the included remote control, the $600 price tag is still a bit steep. Read the Cnet review here.

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