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RAIN 8/19: Top webcasters hold their ground in July's webcast metrics ratings

Posted on: 08/19/2008

WEBCAST METRICSTOP 6 SOLID IN JULY: The top 6 webcasters stayed entrenched in AndoMedia’s July Webcast Metrics from the previous month. CBS Radio retained the top slot, experiencing an increase in AQH from 95,143 to 100,913 (6AM to midnight, Monday through Sunday). Entercom Communications moved to 9th from June’s 11th ranking, while AccuRadio jumped to 11th from 14th.

To see a bigger version of this chart, as well as M-F 6AM-8PM numbers, click here.
Note: For this Webcast Metrics study, not all of AccuRadio’s listening was measured

VON LOHMANN: DEATH OF PROPOSED DRM MANDATE FOR WEBCASTERS: Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, concludes from recent developments that DRM for streaming audio is nearing its demise. He points out that two leading on-demand streaming music sites (iMeem and LaLa), both of which are licensed by all major record labels, have done away with DRM. This indicates that the labels “have changed their minds, dropping DRM requirements for the on-demand streaming music services. This should put an end to legislation to mandate DRM on noninteractive webcasters.” The PERFORM Act, which was discussed briefly at the recent Senate Judiciary meeting on music royalties, calls for DRM in webcasting (more here). For more, read his full article here.

WASH. POST TECH COLUMNIST: MUSIC BIZSAWING THEIR OWN FEET OFF” BY “TAXINGNET RADIO: As the influx of reaction to Pandora’s “pull-the-plug” announcement shows no signs of letting up (RAIN coverage here), Rob Pegoraro of The Washington Post’s Faster Forward column questions the record industry’s business sense for attacking webcasts like Pandora. “Choking off Web radio by imposing discriminatory and disproportionate fees is just about the last thing the music industry needs. Webcasters like Pandora are far more effective at exposing listeners to new music than the playlist-choked wasteland of commercial FM and AM — so of course we should tax them to extinction, ensuring record labels and musicians a one-time profit, followed by years of much poorer exposure for new musicians,” he writes. “It’s one thing for the CRB to lose its collective mind, it’s another for businesspeople who ought to know the market to start sawing their own feet off.” Read his full column here.

LIVE NFL BROADCAST TO SPRINT PHONES: Sprint customers will be able to listen to live radio broadcasts of every NFL football game on their mobile phones. Users will need the free NFL Mobile Live application, as well as a data plan. For more, read Market Watch’s coverage here.

CLASSICAL FAN RECONNECTS WITH GENRE THROUGH NET RADIO: With the death of his local classical radio station, Kensington Symphony oboist Jeff Rosenfeld turned off radio altogether, forsaking his beloved live classical broadcasts with CD recordings. Through Internet radio however, Rosenfeld rediscovered his estranged genre, now tuning in to live concerts happening all over the world. “What I have found over the last two years exceeds my childhood fantasies…Every major group or soloist is playing on the Internet somewhere in the world practically every week. So is every favorite composer, and many you never knew existed.” He supplies a lengthy list of classical webcasts, including Czech Radio Vltava, WFMT, and Radio France Musique. For his full story and list of links, click here.

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