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RAIN 4/6: CBS Radio's David Goodman to keynote RAIN Summit

Posted on: 04/06/2009


Over the course of the past year, the radio broadcaster that’s made the biggest strides in their interactive and streaming initiatives is undoubtedly CBS Radio. In the past year, they’ve launched a media player that allows listeners to any CBS radio station’s stream to seamlessly navigate to other CBS-owned stations in their market or CBS-owned stations of the same format in other markets. They’ve taken over the management of Internet-only radio properties for both AOL and Yahoo!. They’ve launched an incipient Pandora competitor, currently in beta, called Play.it. They’ve maintained their equity interest in ad sales and ad serving company TargetSpot. And much more!

As a result, we’re pleased to present a keynote speech at this year’s RAIN Internet Radio Summit from CBS Radio’s President of Digital Media and Marketing, David Goodman.

Goodman will describe the philosophy behind CBS Radio’s interactive and streaming initiatives, demonstrate some of the features that have helped his streaming audience grow to an AQH of over 300,000 listeners (making CBS Radio a clear #1 in terms of streaming), and discuss his thoughts regarding what “Internet Radio 2.0” is going to look like — with increased engagement for both listeners and advertisers. Don’t miss it!

The RAIN Internet Radio Summit is scheduled for Monday, April 20th at the Renaissance Hotel adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center. See more (and register) here.


Congressman Rick Boucher (D-VA) recommended to the NAB last week that they negotiate a performance royalty now with the music industry, implying it would be a better option that Congress becoming involved. He also suggested that in negotiating, radio could “get a discount on Internet radio royalties.”

Industry attorney David Oxenford, recalls that Boucher “has been sympathetic to the concerns of Internet radio operators who have complained about the high royalty rates for the use of sound recordings. Having the Congressman acknowledge that broadcasters needed to cut a deal demonstrated how seriously this issue is really being considered on Capitol Hill.” Read more at Oxenford’s BroadcastLawBlog here.


The unions that represent radio voice talent and producers announced a tentative agreement with advertisers last week that will lower their fees for streaming radio ads (for campaigns of less than 8 weeks).

While the agreement is still subject to approval by the SAG/AFTRA Joint National Board, the 2009-2011 AFTRA/SAG Television and Radio Commercials Contracts will replace an earlier deal which tripled normal talent fees when an ad created for broadcast was streamed. This led some broadcasters to remove over-the-air commercials from their streams to avoid paying the higher fees.

According to AFTRA’s National Manager of Communications Christopher de Haan (who spoke with RAIN), the new terms lower the fee to 130% for an online audio ad, as long as the ad is only played for 8 weeks or less. After 8 weeks, the fee becomes 350%. The terms also set a time limit of 12 months on an ad.

Additionally, where the previous terms only applied the 300% rate for an ad originally created for broadcast radio, the new terms apply to all streamed ads — regardless of the medium for which they were originally created, according to de Haan. The new terms also applies to ads on other “new media,” such as podcasts or cell phone downloads. For more on the tentative new terms, read AFTRA/SAG’s press release here.


“The real power of the internet lies in the way it plays host to diversity,” writes the Guardian’s Oliver Burkeman. And nothing benefits more from this diversity than radio. You can find radio streams from Australia, listen to a UK show or hear “This American Life” no matter where you’re located. Burkeman blurs the line between Internet radio and podcasts too, perhaps representing the opinions of many consumers: “I have no idea if any of this counts as radio, and I don’t see any reason to care.” Read more about Burkeman’s “Internet radio revolution” here.

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