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RAIN 4/9: RAIN Summit welcomes Citadel's Rosso, Slacker's Baum, more

Posted on: 04/09/2009


Today we announce a new round of experts and executives from the broadcasting and technology fields who have agreed to join us and share their insight at the RAIN Internet Radio Summit, Monday April 20th at the Renaissance Las Vegas.

The matter of performance royalties is always a huge topic. Citadel Broadcasting SVP/Digital Media John Rosso (pictured right) and Media Unbound CEO Michael Papish (b&w photo at left) (who’s also legal and policy advisor for Harvard Radio WHRB) will join the panel for the discussion.

Internet radio’s future, most believe, is in its ability to successfully migrate beyond the PC. Our In-car/In-home Devices panel now features Todd Beals, Sr. Manager/Business Development for Audiovox’s CE Group (right); and Paul Ramsden (left), who’s Head of Marketing for MiRoamer (and who’ll talk about Blaupunkt’s upcoming in-dash Internet radio).

At this point, the most important mobile device category for Internet radio is the handheld (e.g. mobile phones). Slacker’s Chief Revenue Officer is Allen Baum (right), whose company not only streams to its own dedicated handhelds, but to the iPhone and Blackberry too. He’ll sit in on our Mobile Devices panel.

Our “Beyond Streaming” panel will now feature Salem Communications EVP New Media Rick Killingsworth (left), who joins in the discussion on how stations and webcasters can monetize their digital assets outside of the content stream.

On Monday we announced (here) CBS Radio’s President of Digital Media and Marketing, David Goodman as keynote speaker.

Already announced Summit speakers include Triton Media COO Mike Agovino, Katz 360 President Brian Benedik, Bonneville VP/New Media Russell Banz, Google Audio Group Product Manager Jag Duggal, Live365 VP/Programming Johnie Floater, Triton Exec. VP Billy Freund, Radio Paradise founder Bill Goldsmith, RadioTime President Dan Halyburton, Jacobs Media GM Paul Jacobs, Radiolicious EVP/COO T.J. Lambert, Audio4Cast President Jennifer Lane, Cox Radio Interactive VP Gregg Lindahl, Pandora VP/Advertising Cheryl Lucanegro, AndoMedia President Bob Maccini, Davis Wright Tremaine partner David Oxenford, TargetSpot CEO Doug Perlson, Digitally Imported Radio CEO Ari Shohat, and Edison Research VP/Strategy & Programming Tom Webster.

For the first time, the RAIN Summit will be an official co-located event of the NAB Show, which means RAIN Summit registrants will receive access to the 2009 NAB Show exhibits. The RAIN Summit will take place at the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

For more information (including a preliminary agenda), to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, or to take advantage of our limited-time 2-for-1 registration deal, visit the Summit page here.


ComScore Media and Arbitron, the two audience metrics companies that since 2004 have worked together to measure Internet radio listening, have decided to end their Online Radio Ratings service. Ando Media’s Webcast Metrics will therefore be the only ratings service dedicated to the Internet radio platform.

Arbitron Senior Vice President of Marketing Bill Rose explained to RAIN that when the joint venture with comScore was launched, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo! all had separately-funded, well-financed Internet radio initiatives. Since that time, Microsoft has outsourced its radio to Pandora, while Yahoo! and AOL Internet radio have been taken over by CBS Radio, a Webcast Metrics customer (see related story in yesterday’s RAIN here). With its biggest clients gone, the service was no longer sustainable.

Might Arbitron re-enter the game at some point, perhaps through the use of its PPM technology (the Online Radio Ratings were based on a 200-thousand person panel)? Rose told RAIN PPM isn’t currently being used to measure Internet-only webcasters. The technique for encoding a stream is currently a hardware-based solution, Rose explained. To work for a product like Pandora or AccuRadio, where there are thousands of individual streams going out, a software-based solution would need to be available.


The matter of “census reporting” to tabulate sound performance royalties came up again yesterday. As David Oxenford reports, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) published a Notice of Inquiry yesterday in the Federal Register asking for additional data on the cost and difficulty of census reporting — that is, a complete report of all sound recordings used by digital services (like webcasters) operating under the statutory royalty. This following a similar request from the CRB in January. Of particular concern is the matter of small, low-resource radio stations whose operation makes full census reporting difficult or impossible. Census reporting is already required for most programming for those that operate under the NAB streaming agreement, the “very small webcaster” offer, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting settlement.

Oxenford has more details, including filing deadlines, in the Broadcast Law Blog here.


Radio legend Rick Dees will launch the online-only “All Number 1 Hits” next week. Dees Entertainment has announced the venture will be a live, 24-hour audio and video channel, complete with a full weekday airstaff (including Kevin Dees, Rick’s son). The Top 40 channel, targeting the 6-34 demo, will reportedly launch Monday at Rick.com, with guest host Miley Cyrus.

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