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RAIN 4/29: Microsoft, Verizon rumored to be making an iPhone-rival phone

Posted on: 04/29/2009


The Wall Street Journal reports today that Verizon Wireless and Microsoft are in talks to produce a touch-screen cellphone to rival Apple’s iPhone. Microsoft’s phone, code-named “Pink,” will reportedly run on the Windows Mobile operating system and include Microsoft’s new Windows Marketplace for Mobile—an online content store similar to Apple’s App Store. While there are many Windows Mobile-equipped phones running on Verizon and most other cellular providers, the “Pink” phone will be designed by Microsoft and is rumored to be similar to the company’s Zune portable music players. Find more coverage with the Wall Street Journal here.

However, a Microsoft spokesperson denied the rumors. “Microsoft is not going into the phone hardware business. Microsoft is not building a Zune-specific phone,” they said according to Engadget (here). Rumors have also been circulating lately about Apple bringing the iPhone to Verizon’s network, as well as launching other new mobile devices (see Business Week’s coverage here). As the Washington Post observes (here), “With so much Apple blood in the Verizon water, it was only a matter of time before the Microsoft shark surfaced…Microsoft is thinking about branching off a bit with a new type of device/experience, that’s probably a smart play to stay in the rapidly evolving mobile game.”


Spacial Audio and Google are running an ad-placement Alpha Test with web-only Internet radio stations. The ads include audio and synced banners and use an AdWords-based system. Spacial Audio is looking for web-only stations to participate in the Alpha Test here. Jennifer Lane points out in her Audio4Cast blog (here), “Both the choice of Spacial Audio as a partner and the decision to focus initially on online brands makes sense for Google. The online brands have more flexibility in ad insertion since they do not need to be concerned about matching lengths to over the air spots and timing…Google can experiment with commercial lengths that optimize results for advertisers.” Google announced it would be moving into Internet radio advertising after dropping its broadcast radio ad program in February (RAIN coverage here).


Fast Company recently released their listing of the world’s most innovative companies for 2009. In the Top 10 list of most innovative music companies are Pandora (#4) and Last.fm (#5). Both sites, says Fast Company, have “taken the serendipity out of finding new music that fits your tastes.” Find the full list of music companies here. Reaching the overall Top 50 list was Warner Music (#46) who have, for the most part, resisted revenue drops by moving into digital sales. The label has invested in music social networks like MySpace Music and Imeem (#3 most innovative music company). Perhaps as a result, Warner’s digital music sales rose 39% last year. Find the Top 50 overall listing here.


Podcast listeners will be less likely to continue listening to “Groundhog Day” shows, says industry analyst Mark Ramsey. That is, shows that aren’t all that different day-to-day, where “today’s show is relatively similar to tomorrow’s show and yesterday’s show…Thus the very consistency of the show reduces its value in an active on-demand environment. When something is the same all the time, it’s never special – or at least any one show in its entirety is never essential,” he writes at his Hear 2.0 blog (here). Instead, Ramsey recommends creating shorter podcasts with only the hits from that day’s show. “More folks will click your audio if it contains just the ‘hit’ they’re looking for – and only the hit.”

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  1. They can deny it all they want, but anyone who is listed in the WM tuner got an e-mail from microsoft about “upcoming mobile platform integration” which means they HAVE to be planning something like this…

    Matt · Apr 29, 08:29 AM · #

  2. That doesn’t surprise me… those 2 companies are always battling head to head. Im more excited about the Palm Pre though, which comes out in the middle of may.

    Radio Commercial Production · Apr 29, 01:00 PM · #

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