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RAIN 5/26: PRS announces new royalty rates for UK webcasters

Posted on: 05/26/2009


The UK’s royalty collection agency PRS For Music has announced the new royalty rates for Internet radio paid to songwriters, composers and publishers. For interactive webcasting, the royalty rate has increased to 8% of gross revenue from the previous rate of 6.5%, but the minima has decreased to 0.065p per song from 0.085p per song. A webcaster pays the greater of the percentage-of-revenue or per-song rate.

A similar change affects non-interactive webcasts: the percentage-of-revenue rate has increased from 5.75% to 6.5%, but the minima has dropped from 0.055p per song to 0.05p per song. The new rates are set to replace the Joint Online License on July 1. These new rates expire at the end of June 2012. Find more on the new rates from PRS here.

On-demand music streaming service We7 was the first to comment on the new rates, according to Music Ally (here). CEO Steve Purdham said, “On first look the announcement is very positive and could be a significant milestone in the future of British digital music distribution… All prior feedback were that the online rates, especially in streaming for on-demand and Internet radio, were wrong and the minimas were the key issue and a barrier to the evolution of new digital models. This announcement goes a long way to address that issue.” But, he said, there’s still a ways to go.


Overall listenership and awareness of podcasts is up from 2008, according to a new study from Arbitron/Edison titled “The Podcast Consumer Revealed 2009.” The study found that podcast awareness increased from 37% in 2008 to 43%, while 22% now say they have listened to a podcast compared to 18% last year. Respondents’ top reason for listening to podcasts was the ability to listen whenever they wanted.

Additionally, 32% of podcast users said they had listened to Internet-based audio (including Internet radio) in the past week. 80% indicated they have ever listened to online audio. The study also found that podcast listeners are heavy social network users and that 60% are ages 18-44. However, the study also found that podcast users are very resistant to online advertising, finding that 85% use software to block pop-up ads and 68% to block banner ads. Find the entire podcast study from Arbitron/Edison here (PDF).

Meanwhile, ZenithOptimedia predicts that advertisers will spend $43 million on podcasting by 2011, compared to the estimated $28 million they’ll spend this year. Find more at Inside Radio here.


Slacker Radio is now a sponsor of Indy 500 racer Alex Lloyd (pictured). In celebration, the Internet radio company has launched a custom radio channel showcasing Lloyd’s musical tastes. Tune in to the new channel here. Lloyd is known for his bright pink car, a result of sponsorship from an energy drink called HER (“Healthy Energy Revitalizer”). For more, check out OrbitCast’s coverage here.


Former 94 WYSP on-air personality Kidd Chris is launching his new online radio show today. Kidd Chris will do a two-hour show every weekday at kiddshow.com. Though Chris is now located in San Antonio, his Internet radio program is directed at Philadelphia residents. He told Philly.com (here) that broadcasting online will let “people to hear us the way we want to be heard. It’s like going from network TV to cable. We wanted to keep the connection going…We’re gonna hear from radio guys saying who cares about the Internet but music stations are in trouble. Once streaming radio hits cars, it’ll be over.”

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