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RAIN 9/18: AccuRadio launches its first internally-developed mobile app on Palm Pre

Posted on: 09/18/2009


The Palm Pre’s “App Catalog” got hotter this week as personalizable multichannel webcaster AccuRadio launched its first-ever custom-designed mobile streaming radio application, garnering such rave user reviews that it is currently ranked as one of only five 4-1/2 star-rated applications in the entire Palm Pre app catalog.

AccuRadio for the Palm Pre (and its webOS operating system) “offers a wider and deeper selection of musical genres than any other webcaster on any other platform,” said AccuRadio VP/Programming Paul Maloney. The diverse AccuRadio programming options include over 50 channels of jazz, 45 of classical music, 35 of Broadway, 30 of indie rock, 25 channels of country, 25 of pop standards, 10 of world music, and multiple channels of reggae, Celtic, classic hip-hop, French pop, and much more.

“We chose the Palm Pre for our first internally-developed custom mobile app because Palm’s innovative webOS operating system is cutting-edge, well-crafted and has received numerous glowing reviews,” said AccuRadio founder/CEO (and RAIN publisher) Kurt Hanson. “It is a perfect platform for the AccuRadio model.”

Thanks to Palm’s webOS design, listeners can keep AccuRadio’s channels playing while performing other tasks, like checking email or surfing the web. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Palm Pre’s App Catalog.


RAIN readers are encouraged to join us for the first-ever RAIN Summit East next Thursday afternoon (9/24), concurrent with the NAB Radio Show. Starting at 3pm at the Hard Rock Cafe adjacent to the Philadelphia Convention Center, we’ll have a jam-packed 2-1/2 hours of speakers, panels, and roundtable discussions, followed by one of traditional lively RAIN Reader Cocktail Party from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

Newly-announced speakers who’ll be joining us for the event include Pandora’s head of East Coast Sales Les Hollander and Audio4Cast’s Jennifer Lane on our “Revenues Generation” panel, AndoMedia SVP Patrick Reynolds, who will introduce some new measurement statistics in their Webcast Metrics ratings product, and a panel on “Crowdsourced Programming” featuring Mike Dougherty of Jelli, consultant Mike McVay speaking on Listener Driven Radio, and hopefully someone from Last.fm.

Sponsors for the summit include Ando Media, Pandora, AccuRadio, Triton Digital, Slipstream Radio, SoundExchange, RadioTime and Radiolicious. Thank you all for your support of the RAIN Summit East!

With industry pundit Jerry Del Colliano also speaking, it should be a lively, educational, and fun afternoon, full of great networking opportunities and more. To RSVP, just drop a line to kurt@kurthanson.com. More details, including the tentative agenda for the afternoon, can be found here. We hope to see you there!


Pandora has launched a new video-based marketing platform with advertisements from NBC and Electronic Arts, targeted to specific demographic groups. Listeners are presented with a 30-second trailer for either NBC’s new show “Mercy” or EA’s Beatles Rock Band video game and can then tune in to a specially-branded radio station for either campaign.

Additionally, iPhone users can view the NBC promos via Pandora’s mobile app. The new video platform specifically targets listeners based on age and gender: for example, NBC is targeting Pandora’s 18 to 34 year-old female demographic, while EA is showing its ads to 13-34 year-old males.


More and more digital photo frames are adding Internet radio to their line-up of features. HP has joined in on the fun, as their new DreamScreen 100 and 130 digital photo frames includes not only 10,000 Internet radio stations but Pandora support. It packs Wi-Fi, 2GB of storage and Facebook integration too. With so many web features, some industry observers say this is more like a tablet PC than a photo frame. The frames range from 10” to 13.3” and $250 to $300. Find more on the HP frames at Engadget here. Anyone out there actually listening to webcasts through their digi frames?

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