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RAIN 10/20: Triton's Dial Global to syndicate Jelli Radio to FM radio

Posted on: 10/20/2009


Crowd-sourced radio service Jelli already has a place in the terrestrial radio world — serving up user-chosen tunes on CBS Radio’s alternative “Live 105” KITS in San Francisco. [Hopefully, you were at last month’s RAIN Summit East in Philly and heard Jelli cofounder Mike Dougherty speak.] Now Jelli has partnered with Triton Media to go national: Beginning next year, Triton’s Dial Global will offer two Jelli shows: “Top 40 Jelli” and “Rock Jelli” to U.S. broadcasters. CNet reports, “Jelli’s deal with Triton will put Jelli’s user-picked station on FM radio, twice a day on around 4,500 stations across the U.S.” Jelli will also create a hits-oriented “Hot 30 Jelli” for five Australian cities via FM, DAB+ and online. Read more about this deal from CNet here and MediaPost here. Try out Jelli here.


Livio is introducing an NPR-branded desktop Wi-Fi radio after NPR execs discovered Livio’s product at CES last year. “At the same time that we were thinking about that younger audience that are adopting all of that new technology, we’re also trying to consider our core audience, which is a fifty-year-old listener,” says Barbara Sopato, director of NPR’s e-commerce and consumer products division. “They may not have the iPhone, but they understand the radio.”

The device finds all local NPR stations across the U.S. that stream and enables listeners to search for specific programs, stations, segments, and even guests by key-words. Livio introduced a dedicated Pandora Internet radio last year. Fast Company writes, “Steve Jobs may not be interested in dedicated devices like the Kindle, but there’s a case to be made for creating products that help less Web-savvy people take advantage of new technology developments, such as online movies and music.” The $199 radio can also tune in more than 16,000 non-NPR stations from around the world. RAIN has covered the Livio radio before here. Read more about the Livio NPR Radio from Fast Company here and Wired here.


Tom Taylor at Radio-Info reports FreeformBCN, programming in tribute to the heritage of WBCN/Boston, is now available online here. Taylor says, “and it’s not just nostalgia for the old days. Sam Kopper, a former PD of pioneering rocker WBCN (104.1), is clearing his now-automated “FreeFormBCN” stream on the HD-3 slot of CBS Radio’s classic rock WZLX (100.7) and also online at WBCN.com.” Subscribe to Taylor on Radio-Info here.


Progressive talk radio network Air America has unveiled a revamped website (reminiscent of HuffingtonPost, to our eyes), featuring libraries of clips and on-demand content, as well as multiple radio streams. One stream is a simulcast of Air America affiliate WZZA-AM/Washington, another a stream of Air America hosts’ programs. The third is a “classics” stream of shows from early Air America hosts (like Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo, Thom Hartmann, and Randi Rhodes). Find out more from Radio Ink here. (CNET also has coverage Here.)

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