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RAIN 11/12: Hanson to speak on Conclave Webinar at 2p CT

Posted on: 11/12/2009


The online event will be called “Navigating the Future of Radio: Opportunities for Broadcasters in Radio’s Brave New World.” It happens today at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern).

The webinar is free, but pre-registration is required here.

The Conclave Webinar is co-sponsored by Envision Radio Networks, and will be hosted by 106-5 The Arch/St. Louis air talent and current Conclave Board member Jay Philpott.


In yesterday’s conference call, Ando Media owned up to dropping the ball regarding how it introduced its new ratings metrics to clients and ad-buyers, but held firm in its belief in the changes the company is making.

It also — sort of — addressed the absence of TargetSpot from its May-September listening rankings.

The Internet radio audience measurement and ad-delivery firm held the industry conference call in hopes of calming concerns over changes it recently introduced to its ratings. The talk was run by Ando SVP Patrick Reynolds (pictured left; we erroneously wrote that CEO Bob Maccini would be heading the discussion).

The need for different metrics, Reynolds explained, is rooted in the fundamental difference between “survey” reporting (as is done in the broadcast world to measure media usage) and “census” measurement (that is, counting every user, as is enabled in the IP world).

Reynolds maintained that Ando is not “replacing” traditional metrics like AQH and Cume; their new metrics (Active Average Sessions, Sessions Started, and Average TSL) are an addition which will provide more data on listening. “We’re simply adding metrics that are more accurate and germane to our category rather than trying to conform the metrics for our space to somebody else’s space, namely terrestrial radio,” he said. AQH and Cume numbers will still be made available for stations and agencies who wish to use these measurements.

Finally, Ando announced in spring that it would measure listening for the TargetSpot network. TargetSpot, however, apparently asked not to be included in last Friday’s data, as Reynolds answered a question regarding their absence with, “The customer has to give permission” for their data to be included.”

There’s more good coverage from Tom Taylor in Radio-Info (reprinted by Triton here ), FMQB here and Audio4Cast here.


TechCrunch founder/co-editor Michael Arrington reported yesterday that heralded “free on-demand music” streamer Spotify is delaying its U.S. launch because of the difficulty in securing licensing from the music labels. What’s more, MySpace Music will reportedly “severely restrict” streaming, and try to move users to paid plans… again, because of the high cost of royalties. Read TechCrunch here.

RAIN ANALYSIS: As draconian as the terms for non-interactive webcasting have become, it’s even tougher for on-demand streaming services. Certainly it makes sense that a royalty rate for on-demand would be higher than one for non-interactive online radio, but there’s no statutory rate that covers all content, so individual deals must be made with copyright owners. And in the on-demand world, labels are often demanding equity as part of the settlement. Many observers see no chance that ad revenue could even come close to allowing these companies to cover their licensing obligations. It’d be nice to think that if music fans had to be denied cool tech like Spotify, maybe the silver lining would be a bump in listening for Internet radio. What’s far more likely is a surge in unlicensed file-sharing and stealthier technology to enable it. — PM

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