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RAIN 12/3: MOG online subscription service includes compelling radio play

Posted on: 12/03/2009


The industry’s newest on-demand music streaming service officially launched yesterday. Not the heralded Spotify, but rather MOG All Access. It’s a $5/month service “that features a massive catalog of on-demand songs, an innovative radio concept, and plenty of dynamic content,” according to Digital Music News.

Most interesting to us is the MOG Radio feature. MOG Radio allows users to create single-artist radio stations (plays only that artist, if desired), it shows a list of which songs are coming up, and allows the user to “skip ahead” to a particular song (the MOG founders on the promo video below make a big deal about pointing out that other webcasters can’t do these). We do agree that the coolest feature is a slider by which the user controls the balance of amount of “similar artist” material is included in the playlist (we’ve circled it in the image above, but you should really see the video). Move the slider from the left (“single artist”) to the right (“similar artists”) and the player not only adds music from other artists you’re likely to enjoy, but you instantly see what’s being added to the playlist as you move the slider!

Keep in mind that this is a subscription service (though $5/month is a heckuva deal) and an “on-demand” service at that. MOG has individual deals with the record labels that enable this type of use of the music. Whether those deals will allow MOG to survive and profit remains to be seen. Read Digital Music News’ coverage online here. Take a promo tour of MOG All Access here. Other coverage includes Jennifer Lane in Audio4Cast here and TechCrunch’s review here. Here’s the video tour of the radio service:


Clear Channel Radio says it will offer a mobile app for its Internet- and HD Radio-based iheartradio for Android devices by Christmas.

Clear Channel also announced that a new iteration of the iheartradio app for Blackberry is also now available. Read the full press release here.

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