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RAIN 12/14: Clear Channel survey affirms preponderance of 25-54 demo in online audience

Posted on: 12/14/2009


Clear Channel is touting the results of its new study which it says shows that when a station is streamed online, the percentage of 25-54 year-olds listening is significantly higher than when that format is broadcast, regardless of format.

The percentage of online listeners that fall within this demographic is over 20% higher than that for AM/FM listening for formats such as Urban Adult Contemporary, Classic Hits, Adult Contemporary and Country, the survey shows. For example, Clear Channel’s survey found that 82.5% of their Classic Hits audience online is between 25-54 years old, compared to the 56.2% of AM/FM listeners of the same age according to Arbitron’s data. That 25-54 year-olds are so strongly represented isn’t all that surprising, as Internet radio’s core audience is traditionally at-work listeners.

“We can now share with our ad partners the quality of our audience as well as the quantity in real-time, which adds up to 15% to our terrestrial broadcasts,” said Evan Harrison, executive vice president of Clear Channel Radio and president of the company’s digital unit. Find out more about the survey from Clear Channel here.

RAIN ANALYSIS: The press release suggests that Clear Channel’s online audience adds as much as 15% to the company’s AM/FM listening, which seems improbable. In broad strokes, based on revenues, Clear Channel has approximately a 20% share of U.S. listening — that means an AQH of around 7 million listeners Mon-Sun 6a-12m. According to Ando Media’s figures, Clear Channel’s Mon-Sun 6a-12m audience is about 72,000 listeners.

Based on those figures, the average Clear Channel radio station sees about a 1% increase in its audience thanks to streaming. Perhaps some stations, during midday peak listening hours, get a 15% bump from online listening, but we think overall it’s more likely that online adds an average of about 1% to Clear Channel’s listening totals. — KH


CBS Interactive will no longer utilize third-party ad networks to sell online inventory, the group announced today. Instead, CBS Interactive will use an internal ad network called Madison which can target audiences based on demographics or online behaviors. “We are prepared to take a step back on revenue if we have to, but over time we will monetize at a much better rate than ad networks do,” said CBS Interactive CEO Neil Ashe. CBS Interactive includes Last.fm and CBS Radio’s websites and various mobile apps.

Ashe said CBS will also pull inventory from “some, but not all,” ad exchanges. “What we are careful not do is open our inventory to third parties that may have data interests not aligned with our own,” said Ashe. For more on the story, read Ad Age’s coverage here.


While online ad spending will decline this year “for the first time since 2002,” reports eMarketer, it will turn the corner in 2010. The company projects that online ad spending will decline 4.6% in 2009, but in 2010 will rise 5.3%. By 2014, the industry will generate $34 billion. The fastest growing online ad type, eMarketer predicts, will be video ads, which will increase 34% to 45% through 2014. You can read more of eMarketer’s predictions here.


Logitech’s new Squeezebox Touch — the Internet radio device with a touch-screen interface — is reportedly being delayed until February of 2010. The device was originally supposed to go on sale in time for the holiday season. RAIN has more coverage of the device here. For more information about the Squeezebox Touch’s delay, read Engadget’s coverage here.

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