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RAIN 3/26: RAIN Summit West releases full agenda and speaker list

Posted on: 03/26/2010


Today we’re announcing the confirmed speakers and schedule of events for RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas.

Kinsey Wilson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NPR Digital Media, will keynote the event. He oversees NPR’s highly-regarded web, podcasting and mobile operations.

RAIN Summit West 2010 will be our biggest and, we think, our best yet. Reserve your space for Internet radio’s premiere educational and networking event, Monday April 12 in Las Vegas (during the NAB Show) here.

Also at this year’s Summit, Chicago radio legend and now full-time podcaster Steve Dahl will share his insights in the “Beyond the Tower: Extending Your Audio Reach” panel. He’ll be joined by StreamTheWorld’s VP/Sales Daniel Karlsson, WEEI.com GM Tim Murphy and Kurt Hanson (discussing Slipstream Radio). The discussion will be moderated by Edison Media Research’s Tom Webster.

Joining Blip.fm CEO Jeff Yasuda in the “Building Brands Online” discussion will be Daniel Anstandig, co-founder of Listener Driven Radio, president of Triton Loyalty Chris Bell, BRS Media’s George Bundy, and moderator Jim Kerr of Triton Digital.

Speaking on the “Improving Online Revenues” panel will be Bill Freund, Executive VP of Triton Media Group. That’s the second panel of the day, following RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson’s “State of the Industry” keynote (for a taste of Kurt’s presentation, see the story on RTT News’ videos below). Other speakers include Pandora’s Doug Sterne, Katz 360’s Tom Perry, Got Radio’s Val Starr, and ESPN Digital Media VP Marc Horine.

President of Abacast Jim Kott will join us for a special new presentation called “Pecha Kucha.” That’s a Japanese term (pronounced “peh-CHAHK-cha”) which requires speakers to show exactly 20 slides for exactly 20 seconds each. Kott will show us how it’s done!

RAIN Summit veteran and founder of Radio Paradise Bill Goldsmith will join AirKast founder/CEO Larry Leung, Triton’s Dominic Milano and JacAPPS’s Fred Jacobs on “The Leap to Mobile” panel (to get a taste of this discussion, see our story below). It will be moderated by Cox Radio Interactive’s Gregg Lindahl.

Additionally, Bridge Ratings CEO Dave Van Dyke will present an update on Internet radio listening trends, including new information on the two different types of Internet radio listeners: those who listen to simulcast streams and those who listen to Internet-only streams. Jeff Vidler of Vision Critical will present findings from his Radio Futures 2010 study.

EVP/Digital Media at Archstream/GAP Broadcasting Vic Savelli will speak in the “Attracting Local Advertisers” panel, as will Clear Channel’s Sharon Mussalli and BIA/Kelsey’s Rick Ducey, who will moderate the discussion.

A full schedule of events is available here, and you can register today right here. Only 17 days remain before the Summit gets underway on April 12! RAIN Summit West is an official co-located event of the NAB Show and will end with our iconic RAIN Cocktail Party. As Tom Taylor writes today in his Radio-Info newsletter, it’s “a Who’s Who of new-media luminaries.” We hope to see you there!


RTT News has posted more coverage of the inaugural RAIN Summit North, which took place in Toronto on March 12. We wrote earlier this week (RAIN coverage here) about the RTT News site, but some additional content has been added since. You can find the videos, photos, interviews and more here.

For example, “The Leap to Mobile” panel is available in its entirety. The panel featured Corus Radio’s Earl Veale, Research In Motion (RIM)/BlackBerry’s Pete Watson, Livio founder Jake Sigal and Jacobs Media’s Fred Jacobs. Watson shares Blackberry’s position on Internet radio apps, while Jacobs explains how mobile apps can be so much more than just streams (“the sky’s the limit”) and Veale stresses the importance of broadcasters streaming to phones. Jacobs will again share his insights on the “Leap to Mobile” panel in Las Vegas for our annual RAIN Summit West.

Also scheduled to appear at RAIN Summit West is Jeff Vidler, who will present the results of a brand new multi-thousand-person research study called Radio Futures 2010. Vidler gave a “sneak peek” of this research at RAIN Summit North and you can watch the presentation from RTT News. He revealed stats that show Internet radio has more positive momentum than satellite and broadcast radio. And in Canada, where Pandora and Spotify are not available, there is “no dominant player at all in terms of web radio and streaming services.” Vidler will explain more of his research in Las Vegas at RAIN Summit West.

You can also watch RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson’s “State of the Industry” address from RAIN Summit North. He says that the “fourth golden age of radio” is coming soon — and may in fact already be underway. That’s thanks to Internet radio, helped by mobile apps on devices like the iPhone. Hanson will present more of his thoughts at RAIN Summit West.

More information about our annual RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas, scheduled for April 12, can be found here. Register for the 2010 RAIN Summit West today here.


The Copyright Royalty Board has announced a new set of royalty rates for “new subscription services.” That includes “music services provided to the customers of cable or satellite television systems by companies not in this business in 1998 at the time of the adoption of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act,” according to industry attorney David Oxenford (pictured right). The main player in the settlement, besides SoundExchange, was Sirius XM, which broadcasts its channels through cable and satellite TV providers like DirecTV and Dish Network.

“The settlement as approved provides for royalties that are the higher of 15% of the revenues of the service,” writes Oxenford. “Or a minimum per subscriber fee that increases over the five year course of the royalty period.” Because of the limited scope of which companies are affected by this royalty, “one might be inclined to ignore its adoption.

“However, broadcasters in particular should pay attention to this royalty, as it is again indicative of the value that the music copyright holders and SoundExchange place on the use of their music in an audio service, and thus of what SoundExchange would seek were they to get a performance royalty on over-the-air broadcasting.” Oxenford has further analysis at his Broadcast Law Blog here.


One of the stats from Arbitron and Edison Research’s upcoming “Infinite Dial” study shows that more people are willing to give up access to TV than to the Internet. 48% of reponsdants would willingly give up the Internet, while 49% would give up TV. It’s a small margin, but quite different from 2001 when 72% would give up web access and only 26% would give up TV. The study will be presented in a webinar on April 8. More information and registration for the webinar can be found here. Edison Research’s VP/Strategy & Marketing Tom Webster will appear at RAIN Summit West on April 12 (more info here).

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