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RAIN 4/7: Imagining an Apple in-dash Internet device

Posted on: 04/07/2010


Santa Clarita, CA-based SoundMan Car Audio is showing customers a custom-install of an Apple iPad as an in-car audio entertainment system with a video on their site (and on YouTube). The video shows tech Doug Bernards installing the device in the dash of his Toyota Tacoma, with an Audison BitOne processor (he plans to follow up with video of him installing a McIntosh 6 channel amp and a special iPod dock to pull the digital signal from the iPad and distribute it to the BitOne).

Check out the video here.

While an install like this looks to be “proof of concept” more than anything else (especially since the current batch of iPads are WiFi-only; the 3G models come out in a few weeks), it does lead the imagination. For years now cars have come with interfaces for Apple iPods, some of which you can control from the steering wheel. Some ahead-of-the-curve listeners wire their iPhones through the car audio system and listen to Net radio on the road. But what about dedicated in-car Apple devices? With products for the home like Apple TV and AirPort Express for the home, this video makes the idea of Apple mobile Internet products for the car pretty easy to imagine.

There’ll certainly be lots to say about radio and the iPad at RAIN Summit West, this Monday in Las Vegas. With NPR Digital chief Kinsey Wilson giving the keynote address, plus Pandora’s Doug Sterne, JacAPPS president Fred Jacobs, AccuRadio/Slipstream CEO Kurt Hanson in the room (SomaFM founder Rusty Hodge is making his site iPad-ready as well, and he’ll be there), we’ll have reps from those broadcasters and webcasters who’ve already staked out a presence on the device (see more on this here). Plus, the panel “The Leap to Mobile” will address mobile Internet radio solutions, including in-car systems.

Get more info on the Summit here. Reserve your spot at the Summit here.


Internet and mobile radio advertising network TargetSpot has signed Cox Media Group (CMG) to sell and deliver ads on CMG’s online radio streams. Cox’s portfolio includes 82 Web sites and 86 radio stations in 19 markets across the U.S. TargetSpot’s Internet ad network includes 76 radio groups and pure-play online music providers.

Meanwhile, Triton Media Group’s full-service radio network and national ad sales rep Dial Global has entered into an ad sales deal with Radiolicious. Radiolicious offers a free mobile radio app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, and the web, with a Google Android phones app coming soon.

You can find out more about these deals at RAIN Summit West. Triton Media EVP Bill Freund and VP/Strategy Jim Kerr and Cox Radio Interactive’s Gregg Lindahl are all Summit featured speakers. More details on the RAIN Summit are available via links in today’s top story, or click the banner at the top of this page.


Online radio and video streaming solutions provider Abacast has named Michael Dalfonzo Major Accounts Manager.

He’s former VP/Sales for Spacial Audio. Dalfonzo comes out of the broadcast radio world, where his past roles included Station Manager, Program Director, Music Director and on-air talent. He’s also been Director of Industry Affairs at RCS, VP/Director of New Technology at the Seattle-based Research Group, and he owned and operated Radio Plus Broadcast Consultants, Inc.

Something new we’re trying this year at RAIN Summit West is “Pecha Kucha” (a Japanese term pronounced “peh-CHAHK-cha”). It’s a presentation format (see more here) in which speakers must show exactly 20 slides for exactly 20 seconds each. We’re pleased to have Abacast president Jim Kott joining us to give the Pecha Kucha format a try!

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