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RAIN 4/9: RAIN officially adds iPad discussion to Summit agenda

Posted on: 04/09/2010


Given the splash Apple’s new iPad tablet device has made in the tech and online radio worlds and the mainstream press, we’ve decided to include a brief session on the device and online radio apps during Monday’s RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas.

And specially for that session, we’re happy to announce Oli Stephensen, CBS Interactive Music Group VP and Chief Technology Officer will join us to demonstrate his company’s new iPad app (image at right).

During the scheduled 1pm lunch break, attendees are invited to remain in the Renaissance conference hall to see a demonstration of the iPad and get a walk-thru of several new online radio plays. Stay tuned for details.


Results from Vision Critical’s “Radio Futures 2010” study — which will be revealed in full at RAIN Summit West on Monday — show that Pandora dominates the online radio market where it’s available. In Canada and the UK, it’s a more complicated story.

In the U.S., 42% of respondents who have listened to online-only radio had listened to Pandora in the past year, followed by Rhapsody (6%), Last.fm (5%) and Yahoo! (5%). [Note the similarity between these findings on reported listening and the Edison/Arbitron finding on top-of-mind recall, in a story below.]

Additionally, 31% of those in the U.S. who own smartphones said they had listened to Internet radio on their mobile (or iPod Touch) in the past week — compared to 19% who said they’d done the same with an AM/FM station. In the UK however, 31% of smartphone users said they’d used their device to listen to broadcast radio (compared to 21% for Internet radio) and in Canada, 14% of users said the same thing (compared to 7% for Internet radio).

“It’s no coincidence that the one market where we see web-only services trump broadcast radio on smartphone apps is the only jurisdiction where Pandora is legally available,” said Jeff Vidler (pictured presenting at RAIN Summit North), Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Vision Critical (who will present more of his findings at RAIN Summit West). “It speaks to the need for US broadcasters to step up to the plate with their own streaming apps before Pandora owns the distribution channel.”

Data was based on online fieldwork collected between February 26 and March 8, 2010. Participants include 3,021 engaged online consumers aged 18+ in the US (1,007), UK (1,013) and Canada (1,001).

Read more about the Vision Critical study here or attend RAIN Summit West by registered here.


The big news at Apple’s conference yesterday was the iPhone/iPad OS 4.0 (and the multi-tasking the update finally allows, RAIN coverage here), but Apple also unveiled iAd, a mobile ad platform which could be just as important for mobile applications and Internet radio.

Basically, ads will appear within iPhone apps as often as every three minutes and app developers share in the revenue those ads generate — 60% of the revenue, in fact.

The in-app advertisements could include video, games, or other levels of interaction. For example, Steve Jobs showed off an ad for Nike (pictured) that let users design their own shoe. Apple will approve each advertisement. Find out more about iAd from Engadget here, Forbes here or The San Francisco Chronicle here.


Results of a new survey presented yesterday indicate that while traditional media like broadcast radio will continue to play a role in consumers’ lives, people are becoming more accustomed to and using and expecting more from of a wellspring of new online digital media and content sources.

Among the key findings of the study are: 70 million Americans have listened to online radio in the past month (17% of the U.S. 12+ have listened in the past week); Internet-only outlets have a higher share of the online audience than AM/FM webcasts (55% to 40%), and 27% are “very interested” in devices that will allow them to listen to online radio in the car.

The Infinite Dial 2010 is the latest installment of the annual collaboration between Edison Research and Arbitron on digital platforms and the future of radio. The results were presented yesterday during an afternoon webinar by Tom Webster of Edison and Arbirtron’s Bill Rose.

Pandora trounced the competition in “unaided recall” of Internet-only stations (that is, “name your favorite Internet radio source”), as 28% of those answering could name the service. Distant followers included Yahoo Music (9%), AOL Radio (6%) and Last.fm (4%). The Internet has become the most popular music discovery tool for 12-34 year-olds, overtaking radio (52% compared to 32%). Finally, the top reasons for listening to Net radio were the ability to control playback, the music variety and the lighter commercial load.

This is the 18th Infinite Dial study and relies on data gathered from over 1,700 respondents. Read a summary of it here.

Edison Research’s Tom Webster will be at RAIN Summit West on Monday to moderate the “Beyond the Tower: Extending Your Audio Reach” panel. Find out more about the Summit here and register here.


A New York Times blog reports SoundExchange doled out almost $52 million to sound recording copyright holders and performers during the first quarter of this year. This is reportedly up 25% from “any previous quarter.”

SoundExchange executive director John Simson told the paper “more and bigger radio stations simulcasting online, the growth in streaming services like Pandora and a recent increase in satellite radio subscriptions aided by rising car sales” led to the bigger payout. He also credited efforts to register performers for payments and cleaner reporting data.

SoundExchange’s Kyle Funn will deliver the day’s first “Pecha Kucha” (a Japanese term pronounced “peh-CHAHK-cha”), a hot new presentation format in which speakers must show exactly 20 slides for exactly 20 seconds each (i.e., a total speech of 6 minutes and 40 seconds) at RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas on Monday. One-on-one pre-scheduled meetings with SoundExchange staffers will also be available throughout the day.

Read more from The New York Times here and from Digital Music News here.

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