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RAIN 4/20: Fred Jacobs offers thorough run-down of RAIN Summit in today's JacoBlog

Posted on: 04/20/2010


Jacobs Media and JacAPPs president Fred Jacobs offers his blog readers today excellent coverage of last week’s RAIN Summit West event, which he attended as a speaker and a sponsor. Jacobs reports some of the “pearls” he culled from the event’s panels and presentations and adds some insightful analysis.

Jacobs characterized the event as “another reminder about the importance of the industry’s need for ongoing education, and reinforced similar goals for our Summits held every year at the NAB Radio Show. It is also healthy for traditional and new media mavens to come together in the same room to share ideas and learn from one another.”

We appreciate jacAPPS participation in our Summits (Toronto, Las Vegas, and our upcoming NAB D.C. event in September). Even more, with his long history of success in broadcast radio and his “ahead-of-the-curve” work in Internet and mobile platforms, Fred is one of a truly exclusive group who brings an expertise from both “radio” and “Internet” camps. His opinions here validate our efforts. Jacobs will reveal results from its Tech Poll VI study (here) this week, and will hold their fifteenth annual Summit (here) at the D.C. NAB Show as well. They’ll also hold “Summer School” sessions for up-and-coming programmers and air talent at the Conclave in July.

If you weren’t able to attend the RAIN Summit, please read Fred’s excellent recap here.


RAIN publisher (and AccuRadio CEO) Kurt Hanson will keynote an industry gathering of broadcast and Internet radio executives this Friday in Hamburg, Germany. That is, if travel conditions allow!

Following our RAIN Summit event last week, event organizers invited Hanson to deliver his “State of the Industry Address” to attendees at Radiocamp, one of the largest European radio conferences of the year. However, trans-Atlantic air travel has been severely disrupted following last week’s eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

However, as the Radiocamp2010.de website observes (per a translation provided by Google Translate), “We keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well with the flight, and Eyjafjallajökull not dazwischenfunkt.” (That would be if the volcano does not “interfere with” or “disrupt.”)

In his speech, Hanson describes his belief that radio in the United States is entering a “Fourth Golden Age,” characterized by increased variety and personalization. (The three previous Golden Ages, as Hanson describes them, were the entertainment programs of roughly 1935-55, the AM Top 40 era circa 1965-79, and the pre-consolidation era of talk AM and music FM of roughly 1980 to 1999.)

Radiocamp is organized by 1000MIKES’s Frank Felix Debatin and Radio.de (with Kurt’s keynote sponsored by ComputerRock.net). After its successful launch in 2009, this year more than 300 radio and Internet experts and professionals from terrestrial radio, online radio and other Internet platforms, will attend Radiocamp to discuss the development of radio in digital media and the Internet.

Read more here (and if you can’t read German, use Google Translate here).


In addition to the models announced in yesterday’s issue of RAIN, Ford will also be adding the new mobile app-friendly Sync system to their 2011 Fiesta. That includes the ability to control Pandora from the dashboard, as demonstrated in the included video. Find the full article here.

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