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RAIN 05/11: SoundEx offers webcasters free passes to SF MusicTech roundtable

Posted on: 05/11/2010


As we reported last week (here), SoundExchange will hold an educational lunch and roundtable discussion for webcasters at the SF MusicTech Summit event (here) this Monday, May 17th.

SoundExchange is now offering webcasters a limited number of complimentary registrations for the discussion. If you are not yet registered for the SF MusicTech Summit, enter the promo code “SXWebcaster” at the registration page of the event site (here) to reserve a space.

The lunch will be at 11:45am (time subject to change slightly) in the Hotel Kabuki’s Kyoto room. RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson will begin the session with his “State of the Industry” presentation. Pandora founder Tim Westergren is also confirmed to participate.

Representing SoundExchange will be VP of New Media & External Affairs Bryan Calhoun. He intends the event to be “an off-the-record, open and honest conversation about the challenges all of us in the webcasting community face.” Joining Calhoun will be SoundExchange’s Kyle Funn, Manager, Licensing & Enforcement (you may remember Bryan Calhoun from our RAIN Summit East event last fall in Philadelphia, and Kyle Funn from RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas last month. In fact, you can see online video of Kyle’s “Pecha Kucha” at RTTNews.com here).

The complimentary webcaster registrations are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis and are limited to one individual per company/organization. For further information contact Bryan Calhoun [BCalhoun “at” SoundExchange.com or 202-640-5894].


Smartphones built to run the Google Android OS outsold iPhones in the U.S. for the first time in the first quarter of 2010. That’s according to new data from market research firm NPD Group.

Android phones, with a 28% market share of smartphones sold, are now the #2 seller in the U.S., behind Blackberry’s 36%. 21% of smartphones sold in this year’s first quarter in the U.S. were iPhones.

More than 20 different device models use the Android operating system, available from all four major U.S. wireless carriers, according to Media Post. “In addition to the Droid phones, sold by Verizon Wireless, Android devices also include the HTC Hero from Sprint and the G1 and myTouch phones from T-Mobile, along with Google’s own Nexus One.” Read Media Post’s coverage here.


Jennifer Lane, in Audio4Cast, reports today on a Media Life magazine reader survey (here), which found a majority of readers feel “neither Internet nor satellite radio represents a major threat to traditional radio.”

Media Life is a daily online newsmagazine for media planners and buyers.

“Asked how serious a threat they thought those services were to traditional radio, more than four fifths of respondents agreed it was limited or nonexistent,” Bill Cromwell writes in a follow-up. However, 50% of respondents did agree that “Internet radio is becoming more popular, and satellite and HD, while still small, have very devoted audiences. We can learn from these approaches.”

In her column, Lane commented, “I’m thinking this finding indicates that Media Life readers who took the survey are vastly uninformed and/or invested in the status quo… The radio game is changing. It’s scary to think that media buyers might be the last to know…” Read Audio4Cast here.

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