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RAIN 6/9: Conclave to host RAIN Summit Midwest

Posted on: 06/09/2010


The first-ever RAIN Summit Midwest will take place at the Conclave Learning Conference in Minneapolis, MN. The half-day Summit is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, July 17 at the Doubletree Park Place Hotel. Like all our Summits, RAIN Summit Midwest will feature an exciting line-up of engaging panels, insightful speakers and more.

Folks who have already registered to attend Conclave “will automatically be registered to attend the RAIN Summit Midwest,” announced Conclave Executive Director Tom Kay. Additionally, you can register for special one-day tuitions to attend the RAIN Summit — in addition to other Conclave events scheduled for July 17 — for $179. We hope you can join us in Minneapolis!

The 35th annual Conclave Learning Conference, “Freeway to Your Future,” begins July 15. More information about the conference can be found here. Register for the Conclave — or for the one-day pass to RAIN Summit Midwesthere. RAIN will have more information on panels, speakers and more soon, so stay tuned!


Two recent announcements, from RadioTime and Continental, continue the fast-paced push to deliver Internet radio to cars.

First off, RadioTime has announced a partnership with Peiker Acustic GMBH & Co. KG to bring the former’s Net radio guide to OEM car audio systems that use smartphones to connect to the Internet. “Partnering with PEIKER will enable drivers to use their car radio controls to add their favorite radio stations and programs airing worldwide right next to their local radio presets,” said RadioTime CEO and founder Bill Moore. Find RadioTime’s press release here.

Meanwhile, European automotive supplier Continental showed off their AutoLinQ in-car system which connects to the Internet through Deutsche Telekom (so presumably no smartphone is required) and runs on Android applications. One of the first specialized car-friendly apps is from Pandora. Continental is showing off a demonstration vehicle at the Telematics Detroit conference. “With the press of a button, or via a spoken command, a vehicle owner is able to connect to what matters in their life,” said Continental. Find their press release here.


The Government Accountability Office’s new preliminary assessment of the Performance Rights Act’s possible effects says that broadcast radio may be have to reduce staff or make other cutbacks as a result of a performance royalty. But the report also argues that radio’s promotional value has decreased in recent years thanks to the popularity of mp3 players, on-demand music services and Internet radio.

Ars Technica says the report is overall “a dispassionate look at the impact of the proposed law.” Ars has much more coverage here, including a handy chart of the proposed royalty rates for broadcast radio: for example, a station earning between $500,000 and $1.24 million would pay $5,000 a year in royalties.


The ViewQuest Pocket Wi-Fi Radio is an eye-catching little device: it packs an LCD screen, a big rechargeable battery for 15 hours of use and best of all it looks small enough to fit snuggly in your pocket. It’ll be available in the U.S. for $131 — a pretty decent price, but uncomfortably close to the $199 of an 8GB iPod Touch, your next-best bet for portable Internet radio. Find out more about ViewQuest’s little Wi-Fi radio here.

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